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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1781, Sunday, May 16, 1830.

From Tuesday's London Gazette.


C. BRYDONE, Leicester, carver and gilder.

W. SMITH, Warrington, W. SOWDEN, Manchester, and J. SOWDEN, Warrington, cotton manufacturers.


J. WHITELOCK, Stranton New Mill, Durham, miller.


W. H. H. BARRETT, Rugby, wine merchant, to surrender May 21, 25, and June 22, at the Court of Commissioners. Att. Starling, Leicester square.

R. J. BALL, Camberwell New road, schoolmaster, May 21, June 4, and 22, at the same place. Atts. Carter and Gregory, Lord Mayor's Court Office, Royal Exchange.

J. CROUCHER, 'Change alley, chronometer maker, May 14, 28, and June 22, at the same place. Atts. Clutton and Co. High street. Southwark.

W. F. SNOWDEN, Oxford street, agricultural implement maker, May 14, 21, and June 22, at the same place. Atts. Hamilton and Twining, Berwick street, Soho.

W. CHAMBERS and W. RICHARDSON, Milk street, merchants, May 18, June 1, and 22, at the same place. Atts. Norton and Chaplin, Gray's Inn square.

MARY STEVENS, Richmond, painter, May 14, 28, and June 22, at the same place. Atts. Hume and Smith, Great James street, Bedford row.

H. PARROTT, Coburg place, Kennington, coal merchant, May 18, 22, and June 22, at the same place. Atts. Tilson and Son, Coleman street.

J. AUSTIN, High street, Shoreditch, grocer, May 18, 25, and June 22, at the same place. Att. Jones, Sise lane.

W. WILLS, Coventry, grocer, May 24, 25, and June 22, at the King's Head Inn, Coventry. Att. Byrne, Exchequer Office, Lincoln's inn.

H. TREGENNA, East Looe, Cornwall, draper. May 24, 25, and June 22, at the Ship Inn, East Looe. Atts. Brooking and Surr, Lombard street.

R. NIGHTINGALE, Octare Hill, Staffordshire, victualler, May 17, 18, at the Littleton Arms Inn, Penkridge; and June 22, at the Swan Inn, Stafford. Atts. Swain and Co. Frederick's place, Old Jewry.

T. MARGETTS, Kilsby, Northamptonshire, cattle dealer, May 19, 20, and June 22, at Mr. Burton's offices. Daventry. Atts. Austen and Hobson, Raymond buildings, Gray's Inn.

J. THOMAS, Birmingham, grocer, May 20, 21, and June 22, at the Stork Tavern, Birmingham. Att. Byrne, Exchequer Office, Lincoln's Inn fields.

T. DALTON, Carlisle, cattle dealer. May 18, 19, and June 22, at the Blue Bell Inn, Carlisle. Atts. Mounsey and Gray, Staple Inn.

J. MILLAR, Manchester, agent, May 25, 26, and June 22, at the York Hotel, Manchester. Atts. Hurd and Johnson, Temple.

S. JAMES, Carlisle, mercer, May 24, 25, and June 22, at the Bush Inn, Carlisle. Att Addison, Verulam buildings, Gray's Inn.

T. AINLEY, Doncaster, corn factor, June 7, 9, and 22, at the Public Office, Barnsley. Atts. Perkins and Frampton, Gray's Inn.

R. TURNER, Manchester, wine merchant, May 22, 26, and June 22, at the York Hotel, Manchester. Att. Michael, Red Lion square.

J. MYERS, Leeds, maltster, June 7, 12, and 22, at the Court House, Leeds. Atts. Strangwayes and Walker, Barnard's Inn.

W. FORD, Liverpool, builder, June 1, 2, and 22, at the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. Atts. Adlington and Co. Bedford.


May 28. W. Evans, King and Queen Dock, Rotherhithe, ship builder—June 4. J. Liley, Redbourne, Hertfordshire, innkeeper—June 4. E. Esam and J. Craig, Cheapside, linen drapers.—June 25. G. Wagner and W. Chapman, Greek street, Soho, drapers—June 1. G. H. Trimbey and Co. Watling street, merchants—June 1. D. Crole, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill, exchange broker—May 25. E. Petherbridge, Newton Abbott, Devonshire, and W. Petherbridge, Whitechapel, linen drapers—May 21. J. and H. Jones, Grafton street, Soho, brass founders—May 21. H. S. Wintle, Mark lane, merchant—May 28. W. Harrisson, Maidstone, cattle salesman—June 8. J. Thompson. Aldersgate street, linen draper—June 2. E. Gates and W. Cornfield, Northampton, drapers—June 4. W. O. and J Dickenson, Newcastle upon Tyne, merchants—June 9. R. English, Bath, cabinet maker—June 5. J. Birks, Rossington Grange, Yorkshire, cattle salesman—June 8. G. F. Sephton, Liverpool, iron merchant— June 2. W. P. and W. L. Summerfield, Liverpool, merchants—June 1. R. Charles, Liverpool, ship chandler—June 5. J. Singleton, Halifax, linen draper—June 2. J. Barker, Walsall, Staffordshire, timber merchant—June 8. T. Parkinson, Preston, machine maker—June 1. W. Wilson, jun. Hay Park, Yorkshire, corn factor—June 7. A. N. Davenport, Preeshentle, Shropshire, nurseryman—June 2. R. W. Wills, Barnstaple, Devonshire, linen draper—June 7. F. Mathew, Woodbridge. Suffolk, grocer—June 7. M. Wotherspoon, Liverpool, merchant—June 8. A. Ogle, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, seedsman—June 3. J. Thache, Cheltenham, grocer—June 1, G. Frampton, Weymouth, merchant.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before June 1.

M. and W. Pearce, New Park street, Southwark, timber merchants—E. King, Liverpool, clothier—G. Cocks. Great Yarmouth, general merchant—J. Goode, Leicester, hosier—J. Cove, Hornchurch, Essex, fellmonger—T. Bryson, Jewin street, Aldersgate street, commission agent—W. G. Tucker, Exeter, watch maker—W. Askey, Woburn buildings, Tavistock square, tailor—T. Ellis, Sydney street, Commercial road, victualler—R, Ormrod and J. Lees, Manchester, iron founders—G. Westlake, Great James street, Bedford row, boarding house keeper—T. Mant, Ipswich, boarding house keeper—J. Roebuck, Huddersfield, wholesale grocer—J. Peters, Whitmore road, Newton, ale brewer.


S. and G. Jemmett, Tottenham court road, coach makers—A. Grant and B. Acton, Bath, surgeons—W. Stevens and J. Wedd, Oxford street, ironmongers—Wells and Marris, Hesket New market, Cumberland, surgeons—Webb and Tucker, Dean street, Southwark, and Bromley, Kent, attornies—J. Colyer and S. Sidebotham, Little Alie street, Goodman's fields, coopers—Ambrose and Wells, corn dealers—A. Lambert and M. E. Bury, Old Bond street, milliners—J. and R. Fisher and Co., Liverpool, ship builders—E. Smith and E. Jay, King's Arms yard, Coleman street, attornies—Mapp and Clarke, Birmingham, timber dealers—J. Colebatch and H. S. Aldersey, Lothbury and Lower Thames street, warehouse keepers—Holladay, Brown, and Howard, Watford, Hertfordshire, coal merchants; as far as regards G. Howard—Cooke and M'Leod, Chapel street, Bedford row, wine merchants—Bond and Boyce, Walcot, Somersetshire, cabinet manufacturers—Evans, Henley, and Co. Old Ford, Middlesex, distillers—Clark and Arrowsmith, Rochdale, Lancashire, coach makers—Barker and Hinchliffe, Sheffield, file manufacturers.