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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1782, Sunday, May 23, 1830.

To Clergymen and Public Orators.

Monsieur MALLAN and SON, SURGEON DENTISTS, No. 32, Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, and No. 9, HALFMOON STREET, PICCADILLY, respectfully solicit the attention of the Nobility and Public of the British metropolis, to their newly invented MINERAL TEETH, which are incapable of DISCOLOURATION or corrosion; which, when fixed in the mouth, either singly or in sets, give perfect sound of articulation, more particularly the DENTO-LINGUAL double Consonant (TH.) Messrs. M. submit that these are advantages of the utmost consequence to CLERGYMEN, PUBLIC LECTURERS, and PARLIAMENTARY ORATORS. Dissenting from the practice of all other Dentists, Messrs. M. use neither wire nor other ligature, but fix the Teeth on a peculiar principle, so as to support the adjoining. ones, whilst pressure on the gum is avoided. Messrs. M. are likewise the INVENTORS of an INVALUABLE MINERAL SUBSTANCE for FILLING DECAYED TEETH, which, whilst it instantly relieves the agony of TOOTH-ACHE, and prevents the necessity of extraction, arrests the progress of decay, and identifies itself with the body of the Tooth in the form of a hard and durable enamel. They also FASTEN LOOSE TEETH in a manner singularly efficacious, even in the most apparently hopeless cases, arising from age, neglect, or disease of the gums: and to the latter they give a tone of elasticity and firmness, by the application of medicaments invented by and known only to themselves.

*** Charges the SAME as in Paris.