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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1782, Sunday, May 23, 1830.

From Tuesday's London Gazette.


J. MULLETT, Ilminster, Somersetshire, druggist.

J. TREHARNE, Cwmllethrig, Carmarthenshire, farmer.


W. ROBSON and G. GRAY, South Shore, Durham, ship builders, from May 25 to June 22.


J. STEVENSON, Stafford, dealer.


J. FARRANT, Strand, tailor, to surrender Jun. 1, 8, and July 2, at the Court of Commissioners. Atts. Hutchinson and Imeson, Crown court, Threadneedle street.

R. BULLEY, sen., Maldon, Essex, tailor, May 28, June 4, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Parker, South square, Gray's Inn.

R. BACK, Mitchell street, back maker, May 25, 28, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Ewington, Finsbury square.

W. WILLIAMS, Drury court, Drury lane, victualler, June 1, 11, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Whitely, Tokenhouse yard, Lothbury.

W. LEWES, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, cattle salesman, May 28, June 8, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Ford, Pall mall

G. STIEGER, John street, Chicksand street, Spitalfields, sugar refiner, May 28, June 4, and July 2, at the same place. Atts. Williams and Sangster, Burr court, Walbrook.

A. G. CAMPBELL, Fulham, apothecary, June 1, 11, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Drawbridge, Arundel street, Strand.

J. TUTT, Rye, cabinet maker, May 28, June 4, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Bolton, Austin friars.

W. BELTON, Skinner street, Bishopsgate street, victualler, June 1, 8, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Duncan, Lincoln's Inn fields.

J. BROUGH, King street, St. James's, victualler, May 25, June 1, and July 2, at the same place. Att. Bell and Co., Bow Church yard.

J. HOLLINGS, Leeds, victualler, June 3, 4, and July 2, at the Court-house, Leeds. Atts. Strangwayes and Walker, Barnard's Inns

W. BINNS, Staley bridge, Lancashire, cotton spinner, June 12, 14, and July 9, at the White Bear Inn, Manchester. Atts. Clarke and Co., Lincoln's Inn.

J. BROWNRIGG, Keswick, Cumberland, woollen manufacturer, May 26, 27, and July 2, at the King's Arms inn, Keswick. Att. Addison, Verulam buildings, Gray's Inn.

W. LEWIS, Bath, silk mercer, June 1, 2, and July 2, at The White Hart Iun [sic], Bath. Att. Fisher, Castle street, Holborn.

J. T. ROSS, Witney, Oxfordshire, grocer, June 8, 9, and July 2, at the Marlborough Arms Inn, Witney. Att. Umney, Chancery lane.

W. DEAN, Manchester, stationer, June 12, 14, and July 2, at the Albion Hotel, Manchester. Atts. Adlington and Co., Bedford row.


June 14. S. Richardson, Blackburn, grocer—June 15. A. Welch, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, shopkeeper—June 11. W. Milner, Leeds, innkeeper—June 19. G. Henderson, Berwick upon Tweed, corn merchant—June 19. H. Kay. Leeds, victualler—June 17. R. Anderson, Manchester, woollen draper—June 17. W. Nicholson, Manchester, broker, June 11. J. S. Hill, New Gravel lane, Shadwell, steam boiler manufacturer—June 25. S. G. Poole, King's road, Chelsea, brewer—June 11. J. Barlow, Frederick's place, Old Jewry, merchant—June 11. E. Alpress, Watling street, stationer—W. Goodhugh, Oxford street, bookseller—June 11. D. Davies, Friday street, cotton factor—June 8. T. Maltby and H. Buckland, Gutter lane, lace manufacturers—June 11. W. Martlock, Rochester, linen draper—June 11. T. Browne, Little Eastcheap, ironmonger—June 11. C. H. Stavenhagen, Fenchurch street, merchant—June 8. J. C. Bremer, Somerset place, New road, Whitechapel, merchant—June 8. J. Black, Sligo, Ireland, merchant—June 11. I. Hadwen, Gibraltar and Liverpool, merchant.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before June 11

G. Children, Tunbridge and Borough of Southwark, hop merchant—J. T. Wilde, Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorkshire, grocer—C. T I. Mawhood, Well street, Wellclose square, soap manufacturer—S. S. Flower and J. Worsley, Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorkshire, flax spinners—J. M Bloxham, Hale's Owen, Shropshire, apothecary—J. Goulden, Gwynne's place, Hackney road, carpenter—G. Brown, Maldon, Essex, merchant—J. S. Lade, Romney place and Mitre yard, Maidstone, corn factor—J. Miles, High Holborn, victualler—F. B. King, Church lane, Whitechapel, grocer.


J. Motley and J. Mills. Arle, Gloucestershire, millers—T. and L. Cubitt, Eaton place, Eaton square, builders—R. Wells and W. Littler, jun., Garratt lane, Wandsworth, silk printers—D., E., and J. Horton, Mortimer street, Cavendish square, upholsterers—R. Willerton and Co. Hamburgh, merchants—Eades and Son, Huntend, Worcestershire, needle manufacturers—D. Thornhill and Co. Liverpool, stave dealers—H. Brown and Co., Stourbridge, Worcestershire, grocers—Mellersh, Keen, and Paulter, Godalming, bankers; as far as regards W. Poulter—J. Corbett and Co. Glasgow, cotton spinners.