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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1782, Sunday, May 23, 1830.

Shocking Disaster.

On Wednesday an Inquest was held at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, on the body of Mr. Maurice Swanford, a clerk in the employment of Messrs. Sayner and Co., druggists, of Finsbury square, who destroyed himself by poison. He slept at Mr. Williams's Coffee house, in St. Martin's-le-Grand, on Saturday night. About six o'clock on the following morning, when the servant was going through one of the passages, the deceased came up to her, and begged her to send for a surgeon, as he had swallowed poison. She made an immediate communication to her master, and the deceased was removed to the hospital. On arriving at that place he said he had swallowed a quantity at "oil of vitriol." He died on the following morning. In the chamber where he slept a phial was found, containing a small portion of sulphuric acid. A letter was also found in the pocket of the deceased, addressed to his wife, in which he said, " He was a lost man, and that before she received it, he should be in another world." The letter was addressed to Mrs. Swanford, Beckford place, Kennington. Mr. Sayner stated many acts of the deceased, within the last few months, strongly indicative of a disordered mind. The Jury returned a verdict of Insanity.