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SOURCE: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1795, Sunday, August 22, 1830

Thames Police

A young man of respectable appearance, named Wm. Woods, acting clerk and foreman to Mr. Hanbury, a coach-maker in Dublin, was charged with embezzling 60l. 10s., the property of his employer. It appears that the prisoner had received a bill to present for payment for the above amount stated. He received the money, and then embarked on board the Shannon steam-ship for England. Mr. Hanbury, immediately he received this information, set sail for Liverpool, and arrived in the metropolis by one of the stage coaches, before the Shannon had entered the river. About two o'clock on Friday afternoon, the Shannon arrived off this office, and Mr. Hanbury having procured the assistance of an officer, they went on board the vessel, and the prisoner was taken into custody. Mr. Hanbury said that he had lost other sums of money by the prisoner, and by a former clerk whom he had in his service; he was therefore determined to prosecute. The magistrate ordered the prisoner to be conveyed to Dublin, in the custody of an officer.