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SOURCE: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1795, Sunday, August 22, 1830

Curious Case
[Shoreham turnpike gate, Tolls]

An information was laid before the Bench of Magistrates at Brighton last week by Mr. Howell, of Hove, against the keeper of the Shoreham turnpike-gate, for demanding and taking toll on a child's four-wheeled wicker carriage, and also on a wheelbarrow! Mr. Howell submitted to the magistrates whether the legislature ever contemplated having a toll on a wheelbarrow and a child's carriage. The Bench, on referring to the act, which enacts "that for every coach, &c. not drawn by horses, but propelled by steam, or otherwise than by horses, a toll not exceeding 6d. for every wheel whereon the same shall run, may be demanded," decided that they had no power (though they thought it possible the act would be revised) to interfere, and they accordingly dismissed the complaint.