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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1809, Sunday, November 28, 1830

Shipwrecks and other Disasters at Sea

(From Lloyd's List.)

Liverpool, Nov. 18.—A small sloop struck last night upon the North Bank, and went down in deep water. The crew and pilot drowned.

Nov. 19.—The Standard, hence to Miramichi, was spoken with 27th ult. in lat. 45 lon. 55. She had been run foul of on the 18th, by the Robert Fulton, from New York to this port, and received considerable damage. Her bowsprit, jib boom, &c. is carried away, and the bows started.

Nov. 21.—The St. George, steam packet, drifted from her anchors, and got on the rocks in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, yesterday morning, and it was feared would be totally wrecked. The passengers and crew saved. The Amelia Matilda, from Africa to this port, was spoken with 13th inst. off the Western Islands. She had been plundered of her provisions by a pirate, on the coast of Africa.

Greenock, Nov. 18.—The Atlantic, Donald, sailed from New Orleans, 5th April, for Liverpool, and has not since been heard of.

Waterford, Nov. 20.—The Providence, James, from Newport to Cork, was driven on shore this morning in Tramore Bay, and it is feared will be totally wrecked.

Galway, Nov. 20.—A dreadful gale was experienced here this morning. The Blackstone, of Whitby, Esdale, is on the rocks at the entrance of Lough-in-thala, on her beam ends, and it is feared will be totally wrecked. The Lady Vaughan, of Barmouth, Humphries, for London, is on shore near Morough, with damage, and about three feet water in her hold. The Cordelia, of Barmouth, Williams, bound to London, is stranded near the Lady Vaughan, and leaky, and it is supposed that both must discharge. The James of Grangemouth, is stranded near Morough.

Belfast. Nov. 16.—The Ann, Littlejohn, from Newport to Aberdeen, which was driven on shore in Dundrum Bay, is gone to pieces.

Drogheda, Nov. 20.—The Eliza Knightley, Rogan, from Liverpool to this port, and the Raven, Dale, from Bangor to Dundalk, were driven on shore here this morning, during a heavy gale from S. S. E. Crew saved. The former it is feared will be totally wrecked : the latter is sunk.

Warkworth, Nov. 20.—The New Delight, P?rry, for Dundee, struck on Bondicar Rocks last night. Materials saved, and it is feared the vessel will be totally wrecked.

Newcastle, Nov. 20.—The Ord, of Sunderland, from Hambro', ran on shore near Seaham Harbour, on Thursday, and supposed to be totally wrecked.

Hull, Nov. 22.—The Freedom, Donkin, from Wyburg, to this port, is reported to be lost in the Cattegat.

Elsinore, Nov. 13.—The Unity, Gardyn, from Pillau to Amsterdam, put in here 11st. inst. having sprung a leak, and must discharge.

Os end,[sic] Nov. 20.—The Therese, from London to this port was captured yesterday morning, by a Dutch gun-boat, and sent for Flushing.

Maranham, Oct. 15.—The Elizabeth, Nuttall, arrived 3d inst. from Liverpool, got foul of H.M.S. Mersey, in the harbour, the next day, and sustained great damage in her spars, rigging, and bulwarks, and her mainmast was cut away to get her clear. She is now under repair.

Demerera, Oct. 4.—The Excellent, Gaylor, for London, drove from her anchor 2d inst. got foul of the Underwood, carried away the mizen mast, broke the rudder pintles, and received other damage. but does not make water.

Key West, Florida, Sept. 26.— The Allegro, Longmore, from Jamaica to St John. N.B. was brought in here 16th. inst. by wreckers, having been on the Florida reef.