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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1809, Sunday, November 28, 1830

[Uxbridge, Counterfeit Money]

Three men, named Bonner, Browning, and Rothall, were charged with passing bad money on the tradespeople of Uxbridge. Several witnesses identified the prisoners as the persons who tendered to them the counterfeit money. Bonner, in his defence, said he worked for "the faculty." "The what?" said Mr. Minshull. "The University gentlemen, your worship; and I had been down there looking out for 'an article' for them," replied the prisoner; "and you," said he, turning to the officer, "recollect taking the sack;" the fellow laughing heartily at his vulgarisms. Mr. Minshull told the prisoner that he had better conduct himself properly, for the charge against him was a serious one. There being other cases against the prisoner they were remanded.