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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1810, Sunday, December 5, 1830

[Common Council at Guildhall]

Thursday the Lord Mayor held a Court of Common Council at Guildhall, when, after some other business had been disposed of, they proceeded to the elections of a Common Sergeant and a Common Pleader, and upon the ballots being taken and cast up, the numbers were—On the election for Common Sergeant: For the Hon. Charles Ewan Law, 118; for Matthew Davenport Hill, Esq. 100. On the election of Common Pleader: For Archer Ryland, Esq. 113; for John Dick Burnaby, Esq. 83; for Robert Richmond, Esq. 19. Upon which the Lord Mayor declared Mr. Law to be elected Common Sergeant and Mr. Ryland Common Pleader, who severally returned thanks to the Court. The Court adjourned at seven o'clock.

By the promotion of the Hon. C. E. Law to the office of Common-Sergeant there is a vacancy in the office of Judge of the Sheriff's Court; and for this office Mr. Curwood, the barrister, has offered himself as a candidate.