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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1810, Sunday, December 5, 1830

The King's Levee

On Wednesday his Majesty held a Court and Levee, at his Palace in St. James's.

At two o'clock, a number of Knights of the Most Noble Military Order of the Bath having assembled in the Robing-room, the King's commands were signified that he was ready to hold an Investiture of that Order.

Vice-Admiral Willoughby Thomas Lake was introduced to the Sovereign, who was graciously pleased to confer the honour of Knighthood on him with the Sword of State.

Admiral Sir James Whitshed, and Admiral Sir Philip Durham, were introduced, and his Majesty was graciously pleased to invest them with the Order of Knights Grand Crosses, and to invest Sir Willoughby Thomas Lake with the Order of Knight Commander.

The Noblemen and gentlemen attending the Investiture were afterwards present at his Majesty's Levee. There were also present, the Austrian, French, Russian, and Netherlands Ambassadors; the Spanish, Prussian, Swedish, Bavarian, Sardinian, Neapolitan, and Mexican Ministers ; the Lord Chancellor, and most of the Cabinet Ministers; the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chamberlain, the Master of the Horse, the Groom of the Stole, the Commander of the Forces, the Lord Chief Justice of England, the Judge of the Admiralty, &c. &c.

The Duke of Gordon had an audience of his Majesty, and resigned the Great Seal of Scotland ; the Duke of Argyll was afterwards introduced to the King, when his Majesty was graciously pleased to appoint his Grace Keeper, and delivered the Seal to him.

His Majesty gave audiences to Earl Grey, the Marquis of Winchester, Viscount Althorp, the Marquis of Lansdowne, Viscount Palmerston, Lord Maryborough, Sir J. Becket, and Lord Anson.

The Levee was splendidly attended, as usual. The Duke of Wellington, Lords Melville, Lowther, &c. &c. &c. were present, among a long list of Peers, Military Officers, and Clergymen. The presentations were numerous.

After the Levee his Majesty held a Privy Council, at which Mr. Grosvenor was introduced and sworn in a Privy Councillor, and took his seat at the Board accordingly. The Marquis of Clanricarde was also introduced and sworn in a Privy Councillor, and took his seat at the Board.

The King afterwards, in Council, received the Recorder of London's Report of the convicts capitally convicted at Justice Hall, in the Old Bailey, during the October Sessions.