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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1810, Sunday, December 5, 1830


The account presented of officers with salaries of 1,000l. a-year and upwards gives a total of 993 persons whose salaries average 2,081l. each, and who enjoy among them 2,066,574l. sterling. Of these there are 216 persons whose salaries average 4,429l. each. It is remarkable that the salaries above 1,000l a-year in the colonial departments exceed all those of the naval and military services; and the diplomatic and consular amount to about 2-3ds of the latter.

It would be curious to ascertain what the 216 persons who divide among them a million of money do. The Bishops of England are not commonly considered a starving or necessitous race of men; but we do not believe their incomes, on the average, amount to 4,429l. each—yet there are a set of men, ten times as numerous as the Bishops, paid at this rate. Of course, in the account we have mentioned, the clergy are not included, and the officers attached to the House of Lords and the Court of Common Pleas are also omitted.