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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1813, Sunday, December 26, 1830

[Burglary at Totteridge]

On Sunday night a gang of thieves visited Totteridge, and committed several daring burglaries and robberies. Amongst other places in the village robbed was the vestry room of Totteridge Chapel, which was entered by removing an iron bar at the window. Some wax candles, half a bottle of wine, and 42 books, were stolen. The robbers, it appears, regaled themselves in one of the pews, as a bottle and some tobacco pipes were left therein, and also the handle of a chisel, or some other instrument. The house of Mr. Osmond, a farmer, at Totteridge, was also broken into by means of a centre-bit, and plate, wearing apparel, a watch, and other property, to the amount of 200l. stolen therefrom. The thieves ransacked every room in the house. The Orange Tree public house, in the same village, was likewise entered, and five bottles of spirits, a small red morocco pocket-book, and several prayer books, were stolen. Other houses in Totteridge were attempted on the same night, and several iron instruments were also taken out of the shop of Mr. Colley, a blacksmith. The inhabitants of Totteridge have offered a reward for the discovery of the thieves.