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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1815, Sunday, January 9, 1831

Bankrupts, Partnerships Disolved



T. C. DE LACOUR, London, diamond merchant.

J. SHAVE, Ipswich, innkeeper.


C. G. BEET, Stamford street, Blackfriars road, bill broker, to surrender Jan. 11, 21, and Feb. 18, at the Court of Commissioners. Att. Bowdon, Toulmin's building's, Suffolk street, Southwark.

W. YOUNG, Rochester, coach master, Jan. 14, 18, and Feb. 18, at the same place. Att. Simmons, New North street, Red Lion square.

W. and J. HEMSTED, Bury and Sudbury, Suffolk, linen drapers, Jan. 18, Feb. 1, and 18, at the same place. Atts. Bowden and Walters, Aldermanbury.

J. W. NYREN and A. WILSON, Battersea, colour manufacturers, Jan. 14, 21, and Feb. 15, at the same place. Atts. Fyson and Beck, Lothbury.

J. HOOK, Nicholas lane, general merchant, Jan. 11, 18, and Feb. 18, at the same place. Att. Chilcote, Bond court, Walbrook.

J. WARING, Charles street, Commercial road East, ship owner, Jan. 21, 25, and Feb. 18, at the same place. Atts. Pearce and Co. Swithen's lane.

H. T. PERKINS, Angel court, Throgmorton street, scrivener, Jan. 11, 21, and Feb. 18, at the same place. Att. Nokes, Southampton street, Bloomsbury.

A. BLOOM, Basinghall street, toy dealer, Jan. 25, Feb. 8, and 18, at the same place. Act. Crosby, Bucklersbury.

W. MOTTRAM, St. John's street, West Smithfield, victualler, Jan. 18, 25, and Feb. 18, at the same place. Atts. Selby, Serjeant's inn, Fleet street.

C. PRITCHARD, Bath, upholsterer, Jan. 18, 19, and Feb. 18, at the White Hart Inn, Bath. Att. Froud, Essex street, Strand.


Jan. 28. R. and J. R. Townend, Mitre court. Fenchurch street, merchants—Jan. 28. T. Cusins, Little Brook street, Hanover square, paper hanger—Feb. 4. H. Allcock, Threadneedle street, tavern keeper—Jan. 28. J. White, Ratcliffe highway, bookseller—Jan. 28. J. Bowyer, Kidderminster, carpet manufacturer—Jan. 29. W. and J. Weir, Bone hill, Staffordshire, calico printers—Feb. 1. A. Nelson, Deptford, draper—Jan. 31. G. and G. G. Browne and E. Jackson, Carbrook, Cheshire and Manchester, calico printers.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before Jan. 28.

H. Bowring, Mincing lane and North Brixton, colonial broker—J. Bleaden, Lothbury, stationer—G. Atkin, Clerkenwell green, victualler—D. Rider, Leeds, woollen cloth merchant—R. Monteith, Sloane street, Chelsea, merchant—M. Stevens, Richmond, Surrey, painter—W. B. Watkins, Ardwick, Lancashire, merchant.


J. Brewster and Co. Glasgow, silk mercers—J. Price, B. M'Tier, and J. Purdy, Yeovill, Somersetshire, linen drapers—R. and T. Benbow, Liverpool, timber measurers—C. Cole and D. Davies, Liverpool, woollen drapers—Ward and Allan, Epsom and Ewell, Surrey, surgeons—Richardson and Atkinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, glass cutters—Carter and Weddle, Kingston-upon-Hull, mustard manufacturers—J. Spink and Co, Bramley, Yorkshire, stone merchants—Bishop and White, Mincing lane, wine merchants—W. Derbyshire and Co. Salford, Lancashire, cotton spinners—D. Olive? and J. S. Stow, Birmingham, gun manufacturers—R. and T. C. Newbery, Moorgate, silk manufacturers—MacFarquhar, Hamilton and Co. Liverpool, merchants—Easton and Oram, Reigate, Surrey, lime burners—J. and Q. Rumball and W. Hering, surgeons—G. T. Elgie and S. S. Toulmin, Old Jewry, attornies—J. and J. Vickers, Trafalgar place, Hackney road, merchants—W. and J. Davis, Birmingham, matlsters—Moon and Lonie, Sunderland, Durham, coal fitters—Withy, Little, and Withy, Bristol, woollen drapers; as far as regards G. Withy, jun—M. Webb and J. Bucknall, Wellington, Shropshire, surgeons—G. Noble and W. Smith, Preston, attornies—G. Ford and W. Dakin, Powis street, Woolwich, surgeons—Webster and Metcalf, Liverpool—L. Isaac and Brother, Manchester, furriers—J. Hobday and Co. Manchester, muslin manufacturers—Rodgers and Smith, Sheffield, manufacturers of spring knives—Chumbley, Edley, and Hawksworth, Sheffield, manufacturers of joiners' tools—Croft and Lewis, Whitechapel and Fenchurch street, livery stable keepers—W. G., J., and R. J. Shedden, Lloyd's, underwriters—Calrow and Hicks, Finch lane, merchants—Watkins, and Reade, Liverpool—C. Eaton and Son, Derby, tanners—S. Corns and Co. Ardwick, Lancashire, dyers—J. Plant and J. Stubbs, Mayfield mill. Staffordshire and Clifton, Derbyshire, millers—J. Heyworth and Co. Bahia, Brazil, commission merchants—Hayworth and Taylor, Sherfin Nook and Manchester, cotton manufacturers—Taylor and Law, Rising bridge, Lancashire chemists—Swallow and Sladen, Sterne mills, near Halifax, corn millers, W. Robinson, P. Massey, R. Harper, and B. Eyre, Stockport and Manchester, coach proprietors; as far as regards R. Harper—Hayman and Son, Exeter, coach builders—J. Holdsworth and Co. Fen court, Fenchurch street and Corn Exchange, corn factors—Vallance, Catt, and Buckman, Brighton, Sussex, brewers.