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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1815, Sunday, January 9, 1831

Bankrupts, Partnerships Disolved



F. W. PADDON, Plymouth, printer.

J. ELLIOTT, Holloway, carpenter.


J. HUMFREY Maningtree, Essex, wine merchant, from Jan. 11 to Feb. 1.


C. COUPLAND, jun. Leeds, spirit merchant.


W. WILSON, Mincing lane, sugar broker, to surrender Jan. 11, 18, and Feb. 15, at the Court of Commissioners. Att. Lewis, Crutched friars.

J. KEY, Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields, oilman, Jan. 14, 18, and Feb. 15, at the same place. Att. Rippingham, Great Prescot street.

E. JONES, Canterbury, grocer, Jan. 11, 18, and Feb. 15, at the same place. Atts. Stevens and Co. Little St. Thomas Apostle.

M. RETEMEVER, Bury court, St. Mary Axe, and Park road, Clapham road, ship insurance broker, Jan. 11, 18. and Feb. 15, at the same place. Atts. Hutchinson and Imeson, Crown court, Threadneedle street.

J. HAYLLAR, Brighton, horse dealer, Jan. 7, 14, and Feb. 15, at the same place. Att. Heathcote, Coleman street.

W. STODDARD, Freshford, Somersetshire, cloth manufacturer, Jan. 20, 21, and Feb. 15, at the Blue Bell inn, Carlisle. Atts. Mounsey and Gray, Staple Inn.

D. JONES, Cynwyd, Merionethshire, victualler, Jan. 7, 8, and Feb. [2?]1, at the Lion Inn, Bala. Att. Jones, Crosby square.

M. HOUGHTON, Ipsley, Warwickshire, grocer, Jan. 11, 12, and Feb. 15, at the Swan Inn, Alcester. Atts. Lowndes and Gatty, Red Lion square.

F. W. STORRY, York, dealer, Jan. 13, 14, and Feb. l5, at the Red Lion Inn, York. Atts. Evans and Co. Gray's Inn square.

T. BLINMAN, Bristol, brazier, Jan. 18, 19, and Feb. 15, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. Atts. Meredith and Reeve, Lincoln's Inn.

J. CRISP, Colchester, butcher, Jan. 17, 18, and Feb. 15, at the Three Cups Inn, Colchester. Atts. Bignold and Co. Bridge street, Blackfriars.


Jan. 14. W. Plume, Stock, Essex, builder—Jan. 25. T. T. Ryan, Pitfield street, Hoxton, merchant—Jan. 25. J. Crisp, Idol lane, Great Tower street, wine merchant—Jan. 26. A. Dobbie, Manchester, wine merchant—Feb 5. T. Floud, Exeter, banker—Jan. 26. T. Atkinson, Holbeach, Lincolnshire, wheelwright—Jan. 26. J. Riley, Sheffield, dealer in china—Jan. 29. T. Parkinson and Co. Sculcoates, Yorkshire, raff merchants—Jan. 26, T. Sylvester, Witney, Oxfordshire, currier—Feb. 1. W. Wales, York, flax dresser.


to be granted on or before Jan 25,

J. R. Stevenson, Manchester, ironmonger—R Baker, Birmingham, linen draper—T. Anderton, Leeds, grocer—R. Ferguson, Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields, carpenter—J. Steel, Southwark bridge road, builder—H. Wilson, Milbank street, Westminster, coal merchant—T. Sedgwick and J. Hearn, Billiter street, merchants—W. Prince, Gracechurch street, slopseller—R. Silvey, Norwich, bombasin manufacturer—T. Rishworth, Keighley, Yorkshire, worsted spinner—W. Denman, Bangor, Carnarvonshire, shopkeeper—G. Stedman, Watton, Norfolk, merchant.

War Office, Jan. 4.

12th Reg. Light Dragoons—Lieut. F. W. Hamilton, to be Capt. vice Beresford; Cornet J. Childe, to be Lieut. vice Hamilton; J. Calley, gent. to be Cornet, vice Childe.
Unattached—Capt. W. Beresford, from 12th Light Dragoons, to be Major of Infantry.

Memorandum—Major T. J. Baines upon half-pay unattached, has been allowed to retire from the service, by the sale of an unattached commission.