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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger (No.1815, Sunday, January 9, 1831)

Discovery of Mrs. M'Leod.

Three or four weeks ago, a good deal of anxiety was occasioned by statements respecting the sudden and mysterious disappearance of a lady, by the reward of 50l. having been offered for the discovery of the lady, or for any information respecting her, and by the subsequent publication of certain anonymous letters, &c., which, it was stated, had occasioned the lady's hasty departure from her family, then residing at Havre. According to the correspondence and statement, the lady turned out to be a Mrs. M'Leod, a lady of considerable beauty and accomplishment, and having a young family; but into whose mind the anonymous correspondent succeeded in infusing so much jealousy as to make the lady suddenly quit Havre for England, where her husband then was, to watch his proceedings. Having arrived here, she gained no information; but after going from hotel to hotel, the was required to be in the Regent's Park, where she was beckoned by a lady in a green carriage, into which carriage she got, and after which all clues as to where she went was lost. Till within these three or four days, all remained a painful mystery. At length, however, the lady was discovered, at a house in Parliament street but in a terrible state of mind. Why, having ascertained that the anonymous correspondent had imposed on the confidence raised by the letters which brought the lady to England, she should remain so long in secret, remains a mystery; and though efforts were made to gain information, it is mentioned that the state of the lady's mind was such as to preclude inquiries being at present pressed.—Times.