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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1815, Sunday, January 9, 1831

Shipwrecks and other Disasters at Sea


TUESDAY, Jan. 1.

Ramsgate, Jan. 1.—The Alexander, Kohn, of and from Hambro' to Havannah, was totally wrecked on the Goodwin Sand on Friday; the crew except one, and a Deal boatman, drowned, Two bales of linen and some sails and rigging saved.

Dover, Jan. 2. The Orbit, Fish, from Rotterdam to Baltimore, was lost upon the Long Sand on Friday morning; the crew saved themselves in the long boat, picked up by a French fishing boat, and landed at Boulogne.

Cowes, Jan. 2.—A brig supposed to be the Thetis, Hashagen, from Baltimore, which sailed hence 15th ult. for Bremen, was seen to founder on the Flemish banks, abreast of Dunkirk, 22d ult.

Poole, Jan. 1.—The Syren, Roe, which arrived yesterday from Newfoundland, was struck by a sea this morning, and two of the crew, boats, bulwarks, &c. carried away, and is feared several casks of oil stove.

Liverpool, Jan. 1—The Three Brothers, laden with oats, is sunk near Runcorn.

Jan. 2.—The Perfect, Low, of and from Boston to Charleston, was lost Nov. 27 on Biddy Island, North Carolina.

Yarmouth, Dec. 31.—The William, Jarrad, of this port, bound to Newcastle, went on shore at the back of the pier, on Gorleston Beach, and it is feared will he wrecked. Crew saved, materials expected to be saved.

The Thames, Mann, bound to London, sailed from Chester 1st ult.; the Margaret, Williams, bound to Liverpool, sailed from Wicklow about Nov. 6; and the Mary, Jackson, sailed from the Mauritius for London on May 7; and have not since heard of.

Paris, Dec. 29.—The Aimable, Aime; Le Breton, was wrecked Oct. 18, in coming out of St. Domingo.

Charente, Dec. 28.—The Cognac, Ewer, hence to London, has been carried to La Flotte, having struck on rocks at the Isle of Ré, and made five feet water per hour. It is supposed that she must discharge.

Cape of Good Hope, Oct. 27.—The Gowan, Eshelly, from London, with the greater part of her cargo on board, was totally wrecked in Algoa Bay, during a heavy gale on the 9th inst. The crew were with difficulty got on shore.

New York, Dec. 4.—The Hopewell, from Halifax, has been got off the shore at Sandy Hook, without material injury, and towed up to town.—The Hibernia from Ireland to St. John N.B. put into Salem 26th ult. with foremast sprung and loss of sails.—The Katharine, from New Orleans to Marseilles, was totally wrecked off Dog Island, Oct. 31. Crew saved.

Miramichi, Nov. 18.—The Stephen Wright, Lodge, from Milford, ran on shore at Prince Edward's Island, during a fog 5th inst. but was got off after discharging the ballast without material injury, and arrived here yesterday.

The Bolivar, of Stockton U.S. was fallen in with 22d ult. in lat. 45. lon. 10. abandoned, by the Greyhound, Corneby, arrived in the river.

The Duke of Kent, Tremayne, from London to Terceirn, foundered at sea 6th ult. Crew saved by the Royal Charlotte, arrived off Oporto on the 15th.

FRIDAY, Jan. 7.

Brixham, Jan. 4.—The Pleiades, Green, of this port, sailed from Limerick on the 18th of November, and has not since been heard of.

Falmouth, Jan. 3.—The Endeavour, Parry, from Fowey to Liverpool grounded upon an anchor in St. Mawes harbour, and filled with Water.

Greenock, Jan. 4.—The Zephyr, hence to Sligo, has been towed into the island of Mull, dismasted.

Sligo, Dec. 14.—The Nicolina and Christian, of Christiansand, drove on shore on Oyster Island, during a gale on the 22d inst. and bilged.

Scarbro' Jan. 3.—The Acorn, Davy, of Dunbar, has put into this port with starboard bow stove by the Vestal, Halliman, of Sunderland, coming in contact with her, while lying to in Filey bay.

Hull, Jan. 6.—The Charlotte Louisa, Ehlers, from Howacht for Goole, sailed about the 26th of September, passed the Great Belt on the 29th, and has not since been heard of.

Gothenburg, Dec, 27.—The Johanna Dorothea, Albrecht, from Dundee to Griefswald, is wrecked near Warberg. Crew and materials saved. The Emanual, Mentz, from Bergen to Rostock, is wrecked on the Niding Reef. Crew and part of the materials saved.

Hambro', Dec. 31.—The buoys in the Elbe, have for the greater part been taken up to the mouth of the river. The light vessel Siegmund, has left her station and arrived at Cuxhaven on the 29th instant; and it is reported the light vessel Jacob Henrich appeared to be on the point of sailing.

Norden, Dec. 31.—It is feared that the Inclination, Deetjen, from London to Bremen, was wrecked between the island of Borkum and Quest, on the night of the 21st inst. Her manifest, bills of lading, with other papers, and some pieces of wreck, were picked up on the Island of Nordeney, on the 25th inst.

Brest, Jan. 1.—The Catharine, of Hernosand, of 198 tons, laden with timber, has been found at sea, abandoned and water-logged, and carried into Ushant. Her foremast cut away close to the deck.—A most violent gale from W. and S.W., was experienced here the night before last. All the ships of war in the roads dragged their anchors, and some were in great danger.