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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1815, Sunday, January 9, 1831

Shocking Suicide.

Tuesday an Inquest was held at the Cherry Tree, Bowling green lane, Clerkenwell, on the body of Samuel Shirley, who destroyed himself by nearly severing his head from his body. It appeared that the death of the brother of the deceased's wife, who dropped down in a fit of apoplexy, and to whom the deceased was much attached, had preyed on his mind, and he fancied that he perceived images passing before his eyes. On Sunday morning, about three o'clock, he pressed his wife, who had been sitting up with him, to retire to bed, and on her waking about five o'clock she missed, him. She called out, but, receiving no answer, she got up and struck a light, and discovered him lying on his face upon the floor of the front parlour, with a razor in his right hand, and his throat cut in a dreadful manner. There was also a distinct wound of small dimensions in another part of the throat, so that it would appear that the deceased made two efforts to effect his purpose. The Jury returned a verdict of Temporary Derangement.