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Bell's Weekly Messenger

London Ancestor

(No.1828, Sunday, April 10, 1831)

[Worcester Assizes]

of setting fire to a rick, containing 56 sacks of wheat, the property of Rebecca Tomlinson, his mistress, and sentence of Death passed on him, with an intimation to prepare himself for another world, as no hope could be held out to him of a mitigation of punishment. It appeared from his confession that he had committed the offence in consequence of his mistress telling him that if he did not go to church and attend to his business, (which, it appeared, he had frequently neglected), he should be taken before the magistrates, and that, in revenge for the threat, he got a candle and lantern, proceeded to the rick, and set it on fire; and that when he saw it blazing, he was so frightened that he fell down, and on his recovery tried to put the fire out, but could not.