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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1828, Sunday, April 10, 1831

War-office, April 4.

2d Reg. of Dragoon Guards—Lieut. F. C. Griffiths to be Capt. vice Davies; Cornet W. Brandling to be Lieut. vice Griffiths; R. Dann, gent., to be Cornet, vice Brandling.

2d Reg. Dragoons—Cornet St. Vincent W. Ricketts to be Lieut. vice Craufurd.

4th Reg. Light Dragoons—Assist.-Surg. J. Graves, from 38th Foot, to be Assist.-Surg. vice F. G. Walbran.

9th Ditto—Cornet and Adjutant R Cooke to have the rank of Lieut.

17th Ditto—F. J. Parry, gent., to be Cornet, vice Walker.

12th Reg. Foot—Lieut. H. Y. Gold to be Capt. vice Prideaux; Ensign F. Bell to be Lieut. vice Gold; J. L. Philipps, gent., to be Ensign, vice Bell.

25th Ditto—Gentlemen Cadet C. R. Knight, from Royal Military College, to be Ensign, vice Lomax.

35th Ditto—Ensign J. Gordon to be Lieut. vice Best; Ensign H. E. Renwick. from half-pay of 73d Foot to be Ensign; J. Fraser, gent., to be Ensign, vice Gordon.

38th Ditto Assist.-Surg. J. Robertson, from half-pay of 45th Foot, to be Assist.-Surg. vice Greaves.

39th Ditto—Gentleman Cadet M. G. Nixon, from Royal Military College, to be Ensign.

40th Ditto—Staff Assist,-Surg. J. Archibald to be Assist.-Surg. vice J. L. Hartwell.

43d Ditto—Lieut. the Hon. W. S. Clements to be Capt. vice Wrottesley; Lieut. the Hon. A. A. Spencer to be Capt. vice Harris; Ensign W. F. Campbell to be Lieut. vice Clements; Ensign J. Alderson to be Lieut. vice Spencer; Ensign Hon. H. C. Grey?, from 90th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Campbell; W. D. Oxendon, gent. to be Ensign, vice Alderson.

45th Ditto—Lieut. W. H. Butler to be Capt. vice Archer.

55th Ditto—Ensign H. Horner to be Lieut. vice Logan; Ens. T. A. Heriot to be Lieut. vice Palmer; T. De Haviland, gent., to be Ensign, vice Horner; G. Greene, gent., to be Ensign, vice Heriot.

60th Ditto—Brevet Lieut. Col. A. Macpherson, from half-pay of 59th Foot, to be Major, vice Shee.

62d Ditto Ens. H. Cooper to be Lieut. vice Baynes; H. Jackson, gent. to be Ens. vice Cooper.

66th Ditto G. L. Dames, gent., to be Ens. vice Dickinson.

69th Ditto—Brevet Lieut. Col. R. Johns from half-pay of 1st Garrison Battalion, to be Major, vice Lord E. Hay.

79th Ditto—Lieut. A. Brown to be Capt. vice Maule; Ens. T. Isham to be Lieut. vice Brown; E. J. Elliot, gent., to be Ens. vice Isham.

83d Ditto—Lieut. H. F. Ainslie to be Capt. vice Renwick; Ens. C. T. Egerton to be Lieut. vice Ainslie; H. Lloyd, gent., to be Ens. vice Egerton.

85th Ditto—Lieut. G. Brockman to be Capt. vice Hopwood; Ens. M. C. Seton to be Lieut. vice Brockman; G. C. Dickson, gent., to be Ens. vice Seton.

90th Ditto— Lord C. L. Kerr to be Ens. vice Grey.

Ceylon Regiment—Lieut J. Hewitt from half-pay of Dillon's Reg. to be Lieut. vice Keogh.

Unattached—To be Lieut.-Col. of Infantry—Major C. Shee, from 60th Foot.

To be Majors of Infantry—Capt. E. S. Prideaux from 19th Foot; Capt C. A. Wrottesley from 43d Foot.

To be Capt. of Infantry—Brevet Major E. C. Archer from 45th Foot.

To be Capt. of Infantry—Lieut. R. G. Craufurd from 2d Dragoons; Lieut. J. Palmer from 55th Foot; Lieut. J. Paterson, from 33d Foot, Lieut. Robert Logan from 55th Foot.

Brevet—To be Majors in the Army—Capt. W. Sweetman, of the Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies; Capt. A. A. O'Reilly, Brigade-Major to the Forces; Capt. D. Mahon, of 4th Foot.

Memoranda—The exchange between Assist.-Surg. Collis of 15th Foot, and Assist.-Surg. Caldwell, on half-pay of 31st Foot, was dated the 25th of September, 1830, and not the 9th of July, 1830, as formerly stated.

The under mentioned officers have been allowed to retire from the service by the sale of unattached commissions:—
Major-General W. Stewart (1st), late of the 48th Foot; Capt. M. Ross, half-pay Unattached; Capt. J. Frazer, half-pay 76th Foot; Brevet Lieut.-Col. the Duke of Richmond, Capt. half-pay 52d Foot; Major W. S. Taylor, half-pay Unattached; Capt. R. Newland, half-pay Royal Artillery.