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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1828, Sunday, April 10, 1831

Insolvents, Bankrupts, Dividends

From Tuesday's London Gazette.

Whitehall, April 4.

The King has been pleased to constitute and appoint Sir H. B. Parnell, Bart. to be Secretary at War.


T. COCKILL, Littletown. Yorkshire, dyer.
B. BERTHON, Kingsland road, coal merchant.


W. J. SPURRIER, Poole, merchant, from Jan. 4 to May 3.


E. DENMAN, Windsor terrace, City road, jeweller, to surrender April 12, 19, and May 17, at the Court of Commissioners. Atts. Pullen and Son, Fore street, Cripplegate.

T. GINEVER. Arundel street, Panton square, tailor. April 15, 19, and May 17, at the same place. Att. Stafford, Buckingham street. Strand.

B. BOND and S. PATTISAL, Change alley, Cornhill, bankers, April 13, 20, and May 17, at the same place. Atts. Hall and Co. Salters' hill.

E. R. STRICKLAND, Coventry, chemist, April 15, 19, and May 17, at the same place. Att. Allan, Frederick place, Old Jewry.

H. WALKER, Lancaster, cabinet maker, April 21, 22, and May 17, at the King's Arms Inn, Lancaster. Att. Cuvelje, Great James street, Bedford row.

J. PEARSE, Chulmleigh, Devonshire, linen draper, April 20, 21, and May 17, at the Globe Tavern, Exeter. Att. Darke, Red Lion square.

T. OLDHAM, Manchester and Garrison, Derbyshire, callico printer, April 18, 19, and May 17, at the Star Inn, Manchester. Atts, Milne and Parry, Temple.

C. TASKER, Liverpool, joiner, April 21, 22, and May 17, at the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. Atts. Blackstock and Bunce, Temple.

T. E. PENNER. Bristol, carrier, April 22, 23, and May 17, at the office of Messrs. Winterbotham and Weedon. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Att. Bousfield, Chatham place.


April 29. W. Pape, Northampton square, tai1or—April 29. R. Sims. King street, Snow hill, leather seller—April 29. T. Manley, Wentworth street. Whitechapel, sugar refiner April 26. L. I. Lawater, Chamomile street, merchant—April 29. J. Ramsay and R. Forster, Old Broad street, merchant—April 26. J. Pain. Bentick street, Westminster, dealer in beer—May 27. A. Mowbray and Co. Durham, bankers—May 3. C. L. Harrison, Furnival's Inn, hotel keeper—April 26. T. Sedgwick and J. Hearn, Billiter street, merchants—April 26. J. Young, Leeds, merchants—April 26. J. P. A. Bricknell, Exeter, haberdasher—Aprll 26. A. Sellars, Manchester, manufacturing chemist—April 28. T. Ferneley, Thrussington, Leicestershire, coach maker.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before April 26.

R. Diver, Great Yagmouth, chemist.—N. Kirwan, Riches-court, Lime street, merchant—P. Brough. Boston, scrivener—T. Peacock, North Allerton, Yorkshire, linen draper—T. Burt, Holborn hill, manufacturer—H. Halse, Musbery, Devonshire, sheep salesman—J. Bowyer, Kidderminster, carpet manufacturer.


J. Garbutt and W. Jenkins, Mitre street, Aldgate, tailors—C. Fowler and J. Goddard, Wilson street. Finsbury square, machine makers—C. Baxter and J. Stonehouse, Black Ravencourt, Seething lane, wine merchants—K. Cullum and B. Worth, Exeter, printers—W. and R. Roberts, Oat lane, mat and bag merchants—E., J., and H. Davies, Bartholomew close, cabinet makers—G. and J. Braund, Exeter, woollen drapers—P. Adnam and Co. Brighton, auctioneers—J. and M. W. Lamb and Co. Manchester, drysalters ; as far as regards G. Duxbury—G. Bayley and Co. Ipswich, ship builders—J. and J. Roose, Ashburn, Derbyshire, plumbers—T. Blakemore, jun. and Co. Newport, Shropshire, mercers—Woodman and Davies, Bristol, carpenters—T. Ashcroft and R. Brown, Liverpool and Carlisle, timber merchants—R. Williams, R. Pattison. J. Cox, and H. Williams, Dorchester, bankers; as far as regards R. Pattison—D. Grundy and N. Hoyle, Bury, Lancashire, woollen carders—J. Winnington and J. Siddeley, Manchester, druggists—W. Ingram? and V. Lade, Maidstone and Canterbury, vapour bath proprietors—G. Griffiths and F. Evans, Llangadock and Ynisygwailod, Carmarthenshire, auctioneers—Crowther and Dixon, Gomersal, Yorkshire, manufacturing chemists—R. Shiers, and S. Hall, Manchester, nankeen manufacturers—R. and D. M'Laughlin, Wigan, Lancashire, drapers—Burton and Merryweather, Manchester, wine merchants—Jinkinson and Gibson, Sheffield, bricklayers—Henderson and Mitchell, Kirkcaldy, merchants.