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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1828, Sunday, April 10, 1831

Bell's Weekly Messenger

(No.1828, Sunday, April 10, 1831)



TUESDAY, April 5.

Scilly, March 30.—The San Jose, Aguirre, from Bilbao to Plymouth, sprung a leak and foundered 23d inst. Crew saved by the Marie Concepcion, Basterra, arrived here from Bilbao.

Wivenhoe, April 3.—The Parthian, Hogg, from Sunderland to London, was totally lost on the Heap Sands 1st inst. Crew saved.

Stavanger, March 18.—The Ann, Dwyer, from Hull to Memel, was totally wrecked off Eyersound, 9th inst. Crew saved.

Hambro', March 29.—The Ida, Haase, from Stolpe to Newcastle, was run down by a Swedish brig in the North Sea, 23d inst. and sunk. Crew saved.

St. Michael's, March 12.—The Aldbro', arrived here the latter end of January, but owing to bad weather was forced to sea, and has not since returned. It is supposed she has been lost on the Formigos Rocks, between this and St. Mary's.

Bermuda, Feb. 8—The Eunice, Lewis, from Berbice to Halifax, put in here 21st ult. leaky, and with loss of sails and spars (out 45 days) and has been condemned. She is to be sold on the 10th inst. with her cargo.

FRIDAY, April 8.

Liverpool, April 6.—The Robert Russell, from Savannah, grounded in the King's Dock Basin, and fell over.

Cork, April 5.—The Economy, James, from Limerick, to Bristol, which was sunk near Castle Townsend in December, was raised on the 2d. instant, and carried into that harbour. The vessel is but little damaged, and scarcely any of the cargo has been washed out.

Leith, April 5.—The Rapid, steamer, was burnt to the water's edge, near Kirkaldy, 2d instant.

Kingston, Jamaica, Feb. 21.—The Sprightly, Johnston, from Aux Cayes to England, was lost 27th ult. off the Jardin Keys, Isle of Pines.

The Creole, Rochelor, from Abbeville to Bayonne, ran on the rocks at Arbrevache, 23d. ult. Cargo discharging.