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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1829, Sunday, April 17, 1831.

[Brooks and Dixon, bankers]

In November last a clerk, named Air, in the banking-house of Messrs. Brooks and Dixon, bankers, in Chancery lane, absconded with about 2,4001. of their cash. It was speedily ascertained that he had sailed for New York. The American Consul advised that an affidavit of the debt, and a power of attorney to an agent in New York to act for its recovery, should immediately be sent out. This advice was followed. Air, on his arrival in New York, lodged his money in a bank; in a few days he was arrested and thrown into prison for the debt, and an injunction was obtained from the Court of Chancery to impound the money. Air had no alternative but to submit to the restitution of the plunder, or remain in prison. He preferred the former course, and was discharged. Messrs. Brooks and Dixon have received from their American agent upwards of 2,0001. of their loss.