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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1829, Sunday, April 17, 1831.

Mary Aubrey was charged at Mary-le-Bone-office on Wednesday, with nearly cutting off the right hand of a man named Saunders. The complainant and defendant lodged in the name house in Devonshire street. One Tuesday evening Saunders and his wife quarrelled while in a state of intoxication, and Aubrey's husband being ill, she went into their apartments, and seizing Mrs. Saunders by the hair, dragged her into the passage, where a scuffle ensued in the dark between all three. After Saunders returned to his room, he discovered that his right hand was nearly cut off; and a surgeon stated that it would be a considerable time before he would have the use of it. He did not see any knife with Mrs. Aubrey, nor was he conscious of the injury until he saw the blood flowing from the wound. Mrs. Aubrey was ordered to find bail, or make her peace with Saunders, by giving him some compensation.