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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1829, Sunday, April 17, 1831.

Old Bailey Sessions.

At twelve o'clock on Thursday morning Mr. Sergeant Arabin? took his seat upon the Bench in the New Court, and, after the prisoners who have been convicted this session were brought up, the following sentences were passed:—

Death—Henry Jones, George Henry Brown, George Potter?, Thomas Wall, Mary Meehon, Joseph Coleman, Elizabeth Smith, Richard Flanagan, Joseph Spraggs, Elizabeth Brown, Ann Byrne, Timothy Cronan, James Freeman?, George Widgett, John Broach, Job Davis, James Walton, and Mary Ann Reed.

Transportation for Life—Wm. Moore, Fanny Brown, Richard Turbon, John Boston, James Clark, and Mary Morris.

For Fourteen Years—John Taylor, William Copeland, Charles Shepherd, Charles Roberts, Henry Arbory, Ann Harvey, Thomas Bayne, John Myles, George Workington?, John Jones, and Catherine Collins.

For Seven Years—Richard Cornelius, William Jones, Elizabeth Power, Thomas Smith, Henry Gass, Lewis Greenwood, Richard Smith, Richard Selgrove, convicted last January sessions; William Surridge, Joseph Franklin?, Joseph Smith, Charles Barkley, John Bradford, Wm. Carp, William Davison, John Stark, Richard Williams, Richard Tindall, James Turley, Isaac Wilson, William Cummins, Sarah Wilson, Joseph Lawrence, James Welch, John Richard Surry, Sarah Wilson, William Leedy, John Woodbridge, John James Woodward, Miles M'Gregor, James Oram, Henry Jackson, Samuel de Meyer, George Mayhew, James Taylor, William Tunstall, Charles Ragan, James Rockwell, William Hardingham, Richard Goodchild, Maria Needham, John Johnson, Thomas Kirby, William Johnson, John Jones, Margaret Maitland?, Elizabeth Flint, Lewis Myers, Joseph Daniels, Sarah Driscoll, Charles Brickley, John Austin, Elizabeth Fane, and Joseph Waters.