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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1829, Sunday, April 17, 1831.


This Gazette notifies that his Majesty will hold a Levee at St. James's Palace, on Wednesday the 20th of April, at two o'clock; and on every succeeding Wednesday till further notice.


W. CLOSE, Goswell street, apothecary.


R. POWELL, Llangammarch, Breconshire, cattle dealer, to surrender April 26, 27, and May 24, at the Castle Hotel, Brecon. Atts. Bicknell and Co. New square, Lincoln's Inn.

D. SMITH, Okeover, Staffordshire, and J. B. SMITH, Liverpool, cotton spinners, April 21, 22, and May 24, at the Bell Inn, Derby. Att. Barbor, Fetter lane.

J. LAPAGE, Leeds, and F. LAPAGE, Liverpool. merchants, May 2, 3, and 24, at the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. Att. Chester, Staple Inn,

J. C. READ, Leicester, tailor, April 19, 20, at the office of Mr. Toller, Liverpool; and May 24, at the White Hart Hotel, Leicester. Att. Toller, Gray's Inn square.

J. C. SHACKLES, Kingston upon Hull, linen draper, April 20, 21, and May 24, at the Kingston Hotel, Kingston upon Hull. Att. Alderson, Chancery lane.

W. MUIR, Newcastle upon Tyne, draper, April 19, May 6, and 24, at the Half Moon Inn, Newcastle upon Tyne. Att. Dunn, Gray's Inn.


April 22. T. S. Alger, Eton, Buckinghamshire, miller—May 10. J. Lauriere, St. James's street, goldsmith—May 3. J. Stevens, Deverell street, Warner street, Great Dover road, builder—May 3. W. Wardle and W. W. Wink, Bath, silk mercers—May 3. R. Jefferson, Pickering, Yorkshire, haberdasher—May 3. R. Kerr and J. Little, Ipswich, tea dealers— May 3. M. D. and H. King, Falcon street, wine merchants—May 3. T. C. Williams, Norwich, tea dealer—May 10. R. Burbery and G. J. Wigley, Coventry, riband manufacturers—May 8. R. Emmerson, Coleman street, packer—May 8. M. Milnes, Sackville street, Piccadilly, tailor—May 3. G. Brown, Maldon, Essex, merchant—May 14. N. Brown, Bristol, druggist—May 14 E. H. Waller, Bristol, timber merchant—May 3. J. Harling, Chorley, Lancashire, grocer—May 5. E. and R. Lumsdon, Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, chain manufacturers—May 7. W. Chadwick and Co. Mumps-within-Oldham, Lancashire, machine makers—May 7. W. Travis and J. Stopford, Audenshaw, Lancashire, hat manufacturers—May 10. W. Hudson, Birmingham, victualler.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before May 3.

W. Grant, Gosport, silversmith—T. Ball, Lichfield street, Westminster, dealer in fish—W. F. Bray, Liverpool street, New road, St. Pancras, dealer—F. W. Storry, York, dealer—W. Williams, Manchester, merchant—W. Landray, Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, printer.


G. Berrey and Co. Nottingham, lace manufacturers—T. and H. P. Burt, Devizes and Great Cheverell. Wiltshire, ironmongers—J. Bowers, St. Leonard's, and W. Rowe, Burton, Sussex, plasterers—J. Boler and T. Boddey, Leeds, cabinet makers— W. Izod and B. Evans, Stratford upon Avon, lead merchants—T. Filler and W. G. Hardley, Strand, wine merchants—T. Palmer, Great Suffolk street, and H. Beavis, Baden place, Crosby row, King street, Southwark, general dealers in Scotch ale—J. Wollaston and W. Perrin, Mary le Bone lane, wine merchants—J. Wood and J. Rackham, Long acre, coach builders—J. S. Harrison and H. Allwright, Bath, carvers—Fripp and Co. Bristol, soap manufacturers; as far as regards D. Fripp—P. Ball and J. Whitehead, Clement's court, Milk street, agents—A. W. Forbes and Co. Glasgow—J. Wood and H. Steel, Shelton, engravers—S. and J. Bickerton, Oswestry, Shropshire, druggists—J. Laing and J. Younghusband, South Shields, ship brokers—B. Chapman and E. V. Southerne, Leeds, merchants—R. Page and E. Blackmore, Liverpool, corn commission agents—J., R., and H. Arrowsmith, Manchester and Astley, merchants—P. and H. C. Kempson, Birmingham, millers—G. snd E. Davis, Leeds, opticians—E. Johnstone and J. Hunter, Chelmsford, tea dealers—P. T. Hellyer and W. W. Coleman, Ryde, Isle of Wight, coal merchants—Whiteley and Wray, Heightown and Mirfield, Yorkshire, painters—Goss and Fowler, Bristol, haberdashers—Howden, Wild, and Co. Savage gardens, wine merchants—Dawson and Turner, London wall, dealers, in drysaltery—Warham and Perkin, Potter Newton, Yorkshire, stone merchants—J. Caudle and P. Drake, Brighton, chemists.



G. MITCHELL, jun. Brighton, broker.


C. TUCKER, Bartlett's buildings, bronzist, to surrender April 22, May 3. and 27, at the Court of Commissioners. Atts. Slyvester and Walker, Furnival's Inn.

A. HALSON, Bridgewater square, merchant, April 19, 29, and May 27, at the same place. Att. Peachy, Salisbury square.

W. MOFFETT, Great Bell alley, Coleman street, baker, April 19, 29, and May 27, at the same place. Atts. Gole, Lothbury.

R. G. GUNNELL and W. SHEARMAN, Salisbury square, printers, May 3, 10, and 27, at the same place, Att. Bull, Ely place, Holborn.

E. WELLDON, Cambridge, butcher, April 26, 27, and May 27, at the Bull Inn, Cambridge. Att. Flower, Austin friars.

T. MOORE, Allbrighton, Shropshire, butcher, May 5, 6, and 27, at the Red Lion Inn, Newport. Atts. Heming and Baxter, Lincoln's Inn fields.

W. GERRISH, Bristol, dealer, April 29, 30, and May 27, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. Att. Stevens and Flower, Gray's Inn. square.

T. SAXBY, Loughborough, lace manufacturer, April 21 and 23, at the office of Mr. Fosbrooke, Loughborough, and May 27, at the King's Head Inn, Loughborough. Atts. Norris and Co. John street, Bedford row.


May 10. J. Holmes and F. E. Edwards, Derby, booksellers—May 6. C. Baglehole and J. Redgrave, Mark lane, merchants—May 6. J. Phillips and W. Gray, Platt terrace, Somer's town, plasterers—May 6. C. Osborne and J. Osborne, St. James's street, Pall mall, tailors—May 6. C. A. Pettit, Golden square, carpenter—May 6. J. Marshall, Norwich, silk merchant—May 6. R. Triphook, Golden square, bookseller—May 6. J. Buckley, Manchester, and C. Nunn, Old 'Change, Cheapside, gingham manufacturers—May 6. C. Bell, Billiter street, wine merchant—May 6. J. Drake, Southgate, Middlesex, victualler—May 6. S. Mumford, Stanstead street, Essex, corn dealer—May 10. R. Burbery and G. J. Wigley, Coventry, ribbon manufacturers—May 12. W. Marsh, J. H. Stracey and G. E. Graham, Berner's street, bankers—May 13. R. Cocher, W. Godfree, and W. P. Musgrave, Cheapside, lacemen—April 29. R. B. Cooper, Prince's street, Lambeth, distiller—May 6. W. Packman, Jewry street, Aldgate, victualler—May 6. J. G. Bonney, Cooper's row, Tower hill, wine merchant—May 6. J. Ogilvy, Fleece yard, Tothill street, Westminster, hackneyman—May 6. T. Wood, Birchin lane, merchant—May 9. S. Hacker, Canterbury, builder—May 4. J. W. Pocock, Huntingdon, builder—May 9. E. R. Ruchanan, Stowmarket, Suffolk, maltster.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before May 6.

J. Hodgson, jun. Bradford, Yorkshire, woolstapler—H. A. U. Lock, Lower Thames street, Custom house agent—H. Wyatt, Acton hill, Staffordshire, farmer—J. Rogers, Sloane street, victualler—J. Clarkson, Kingston upon Hall, general agent—J. Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire, woollen manufacturer—J. Farrell, Liverpool, flour dealer—G. Russell, Brownlow street, Drury lane, coach smith.


J. W. Fisher and T. B. Weeton, Chorley, Lancashire, attorneys—R. Finson and R. Hammer, Bow church-yard, carpet warehousemen—J. Barr and W. Barker, Stokesley, Yorkshire, grocers—M. Allen and T. Harding, attorneys—B. Holbrooke and W. Johns, Manchester, fustian manufacturers—J. Cawkwell and T. Fillingham, Belton, Lincolnshire, millers—J. Robinson and B. Robinson, Lane, near Huddersfield, dyers—G. Baker and J. Baker, Lower Phillimore place, Kensington, grocers—G. B. Child and E. C. Taylor, Old Windsor, bone dealers—E. Bostock, sen. and E. Bostock, jun. Radford, Nottinghamshire, bleachers—G. A. Pocock, Dartford, and J. Dunkin, Bromley, Kent, printers—A. Burton and A. Stephen, Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, furnishing ironmongers—J. Stennett, sen. and J. Stennett, jun. Swaton, Lincolnshire, farmers—U. Price, sen. U. Price, jun. and J. Smith, King street, West Smithfield, coffin furniture manufacturers—W. Andrew and T. Robinson, Stockport, cotton spinners.