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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1829, Sunday, April 17, 1831.

East India Company's Charter.

Mr. C. GRANT, after stating that upon notice being given on the 10th of September 1831, the Charter of the East India Company would expire in three years subsequently, said that he intended to follow the course usually adopted upon preceding occasions respecting this charter. In doing so, the house would not be pledged to any particular line of conduct. By the 47th and 53d of George the Third, the house made itself liable to a debt of 1,200,000l. in the Three per Cents., with all arrears. &c. within three years after it had given notice to the East India Company of the charter terminating in 1834. By adopting this course, the house placed itself in a situation to enable it to reassume the powers granted to the East India Company by the charter. The right hon. gent. concluded by moving that it was expedient to give notice to the East India Company, that their charter would expire in three years after notice given to that effect, and that the Speaker be requested to give that notice on the 23d of April.—Adjourned at half-past two o'clock.