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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1829, Sunday, April 17, 1831.

State of Trade and Commerce.

It is gratifying to be enabled to state, that in nearly the whole of the staple articles of trade, considerable activity prevails at present. To the colonial markets especially this remark will apply. Sugar amid coffee are in great demand, but owing to the scanty supplies at present in the hands of the importers, the sales have not been so large as they would otherwise have been. Prices of sugar and coffee are now touch higher than they were at the commencement of the year. The stock of the former on the 9th of the present month was only 7 500 hogs-heads, while last year at this period it was nearly 16,000 hogsheads. Of Mauritius sugar at the same period last year the stock was 77,000 bags, while on the 9th of this month there were only 28,200 bags in the port of London. The stock of coffee is not above 7,000 h?ds. and 3,000 bags British Plantation, about 60,000 bags of Foreign, and 52,000 bags of East India. Coffee in the present week has advanced full 2s. per cwt. and very large sales made. The demand for cotton is increasing; and the sale of indigo by the East India Company, which has been going on this week, has proceeded with great spirit, at advanced prices. The sale will commence to-morrow. The country trade are large buyers.