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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1838, Sunday, June 26, 1831

Queen Caroline Fund

A letter from Mr. Alderman Wood, in reference to the subscriptions for the late Queen's plate, has been published, in which he says,—"Though I was appointed treasurer, no part of the money was ever in my hands, but it was placed, as collected by the sub-treasurers, in the bank of Messrs. Coutts and Co. in the name of trustees, and invested in Exchequer Bills, in which it still remains, with an accumulation of interest." The worthy treasurer says further, that it is intended to appropriate the funds to the erection of a pillar, or alms-houses, in memory of Queen Caroline; and, that the trustees have made many efforts to obtain an eligible freehold spot for the purpose, but hitherto without success.