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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1838, Sunday, June 26, 1831

[Norton, Poison, St. Thomas's Hospital]

On Tuesday morning a young female, named Norton, of a highly-respectable family in the neighbourhood of Cheshunt, was found under one of the arches of the New London Bridge, by a police-man. She seemed to be so extremely ill, that the policeman, with the assistance of another man, carried her to St. Thomas's Hospital, and it was then discovered that she had taken poison. Active remedies having been resorted to, her life was saved, although she still continues very much debilitated from the effects of the dose she had taken. From a letter found in her possession, it appeared that she had been seduced in the country by a young man, who had immediately afterward left the place, and she came to town in quest of him, without the sanction of her family; and, disappointed in her expectations of meeting him, she had, in the bitterness of the moment, resolved on self-destruction. Her friends were immediately apprised of the situation in which she now lies.