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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1839, Sunday, July 3, 1831.

Old Bailey.

The June session for London and Middlesex commenced on Thursday morning before Mr. Justice James Parke, Mr. Justice Gaselee, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, &c.

John Herbert M'Cabe, a young man of respectable appearance and connexions, aged 23 years, was charged upon six several indictments with stealing a quantity of printed books, value 501. and upwards, the property of the London Institution.

Mr. Lawson, a pawnbroker, residing in Bishopsgate street Without, deposed that the prisoner pledged thirteen books with him on the 20th of April last. Was quite certain as to the identity of the prisoner. Ten shillings was advanced upon the books. Prisoner told him that he brought the books from Madeira.

The librarian of the institution swore both to the identity of the prisoner and the books. Although the Corporation marks had been removed, there were other marks in some of them, in witness's own hand-writing.

The prisoner said that he wished to plead guilty to all the charges, and throw himself upon the mercy of the, Court and the members of the institution.

The Jury returned a verdict of Guilty.

The prisoner was again charged with stealing a quantity of books described in the sixth indictment, value 40l. By the advice of Mr. Barry the prisoner pleaded Guilty.

Mr. Sergeant Arabin told the prisoner that he must be sent out of the country; the offences of which he had been convicted were of a very serious nature.

The several indictments were here read to the prisoner. He pleaded Guilty to all of them.