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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1840, Sunday, July 10, 1831

[Drury Lane Theatre, Shareholders]

The annual general meeting of the shareholders of the Drury lane Theatre was held yesterday afternoon in the saloon, for the purpose of receiving the annual report, &c. George Robins, Esq. in the chair. Mr. Dunn, the treasurer, read the report, from which it appeared that the rent of 900l. had been duly paid for the last year, and that Capt. Polhill would open the theatre in October, as the lessee in the room of Mr. Lee. The report then referred to the law proceedings against the application of Mr. Arnold to have a yearly license, and congratulated the shareholders that the Lord Chancellor had decided that Mr. Arnold was only to have an addition of two months added to his season. The King had confirmed the decision of the Lord Chancellor. The balance at the banker's was 2,164l. On the motion that the report be adopted Mr. Gregory asked what had been the expenses of the law proceedings against Mr. Arnold. The chairman could not yet answer, but had they been twice as large as had been incurred, the best results had followed, as the property of the theatre was protected. The suit was not commenced in any personal manner to Mr. Arnold. In answer to further questions, the chairman said none of the debt had been paid off. He looked for better times. The report was adopted, and after some routine business the meeting was adjourned.