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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1849, Sunday, September 11, 1831


Died, in September last, in the Island of St. Helena, Mrs. Elizabeth Honoria Frances Lambe (relict of the late Serjeant Lambe, of the artillery of the island), at the advanced age of 110 years and four months. In the year 1731, she was housekeeper, in the establishment of Governor Pike, during his second government, and well remembered having heard that Sir Richard Munden, stormed the fort which now bears his name. Twenty one personages have filled the seat of Governor of the island during her life time. She was eight times married, had numerous generations (260 of whom are now alive), and died an example of true piety, in the full persuasion that the Millennium will happen in 1836, and that the charter will be renewed to the Honourable East India Company—Liverpool Mercury.