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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1849, Sunday, September 11, 1831

Charge of Forgery.

Henry Mason, of Gravely, in Hertfordshire, a person living apparently in easy circumstances, was committed a few days since to the county gaol, by Charles Philips, Esq., on a charge of forgery. The prisoner, on Saturday fortnight, went to the bank of Messrs. Adams and Co., at Hertford, and giving his name as Mr. Johnson, living near Hitchin, presented a check, purporting to be drawn, by Mr. Robert Fullwood, of Paul's Walden, an opulent miller, on Messrs. Peirson and Co., bankers at Hitchin, for 494l. 10s., and requested Mr. Henshall, the respectable manager of Messrs. Adams and Co's. bank, to break it. Mr. Henshall having occasionally cashed Mr. Fullwood's drafts, and recognising the prisoner (whose exterior is that of a respectable tradesman) as a person whom he had seen before at the Hertford Bank, and taking his name and residence as he had given them to be correct, he did not hesitate for a moment to comply with his wishes; and; as he requested, gave him, in exchange for the draft, 294l 10s. in cash, and a check on Messrs. Masterman and Co. for the remainder. On the Monday following, Mr. Henshall remitted the draft which he had taken of the prisoner, through Messrs. Masterman and Co., to Messrs. Peirson and Co., who, discovering it to be a forgery, immediately returned it. The fact of the payment of a debt of 5l., and a deposit made at the Hitchin Bank, coupled with the description of the person of the prisoner, led to his immediate apprehension.—County Press.