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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1849, Sunday, September 11, 1831

Labouring Poor.

The laborious exertions made by the poor people in these parts may be judged by the following fact. A poor child, about eight years of age, who had a bundle of heath on his head, was offering it for sale at Carnarvon, about eleven o'clock on Wednesday—on being told at a door where he applied, that none was wanted, he burst into tears, and said he had come from Waun-fawr (about four miles off), had been in town since six o'clock, and had not tasted food. The price asked for the product of his labour in collecting and the journey, was ONE PENNY. He had neither shoes nor stockings. There are scores of others deriving the means of their miserable subsistence from the like sources.—Carnarvon Herald.