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Beaver Hats

Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1853, Sunday, October 9, 1831

Patent Ventilating Beaver Hats have long been acknowledged to be the best kind of Hats ever yet invented. They are exceedingly light (only 4¾ ounces), will never injure by wet, lose their colour or shape; and will not prevent the egress of Perspiration, which has been so much the complaint of Water proof Hats—often producing the headache and the loss of hair. Price 21s. and 26s.; Drab, Brown, and Ladies' Riding Hats, at the same price. Superfine Water Proof Beaver Hats, 18s. Also, the very best Cork Hats, made on the same principle, 18s. at Duggin and Co.'s Newgate street, near the New Post office.