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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1856, Sunday, October 30, 1831

Old Bailey.

The Sessions terminated on Tuesday, when the Recorder passed the following sentences:—

Death.—Henry Bunce, alias Sibley, for horse stealing; George Kitchen, for housebreaking; John Langley, for a like offence; John Tiber, for stealing in a dwelling house property above the value of 5l. John Thompson, sheep-stealing; Charles Cooper, horse-stealing; Esther Elias, for stealing in a dwelling-house property above the value of 5l. John Peak and Elizabeth Martin, for coining shillings; George Arthur Glover, for uttering counterfeit coin, he having been previously convicted of being a common utterer; Emanuel Antonio, a black, for stabbing; and Thomas Davis, for stealing in a dwelling-house property above the value of 5l.

Transportation for Life—William Sharp, George Hulme, Elizabeth Sharp, Joseph Hurley, Dominick Gannon, Jane Morrison, Issac Isaacs, Richard Turpin, William Webster.

For fourteen years—James Moore, Jane Boyd, Phoebe Wilson, Mary Ann Corrin, W. Evans, Simon Clarke, Ann Donnelly, John Martin.

For seven years—W. Oram, George Haslam, Catharine Flanagan, Emanuel Michall, Richard Prewen, Francis Darling, Henry Dolleny, Alexander Campbell, Thomas Davis, Eliza Fuller, Jane Williams, William Rush, Henry Walker, Sarah Watkins, Ann Hillery, John Turner, John Ready, sixteen years, and John Ready, thirty years, James Lattimore, T. Lavington, J. Wickham, James Bishop, Henry Lloyd, Lawrence Bellovie, James Roe, Alexander Vickery, Rd. Hares, Mary Chanter, Thomas Young, Wm. Johnson, Wm. Olive, Wm. Thompson, John Eiliott[sic] Roland, Wm. Hunt, John Condren, James Hudson, Jos. Barclay, Rd. Herridge, John Pickman, William Jerrard, Francis Lisk, Bridget Morris, John Godman, John Derrington, Thomas Larkins, Henry Phelbat, Chas. Edward Peck, Thomas Large, Arthur Smith, William Kent.

Twelve months' Imprisonment—Jas. Jarman, Edward Kerry, Chas. Price, Ann Miller.

Six Months' Imprisonment—Henry Akehurss, Thos. Williams, Rd. Beckenham, Thomas Browning, Robert Keely, Thomas Heads, Tho. Roden, Wm. West, James Burn, Wm. Jones, Jas. Bennett, George Johnson, Mary Hulme, Chas. Hughes, Jas. Wood.

The remaining of the convicts were sentenced to shorter periods of imprisonment, and several boys were ordered to be privately whipped and discharged.

The Session was adjourned to November next.