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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

Bishop and Williams.

It is stated in a letter written by Sir John Sewell, one of the Middlesex Magistrates, that he had learned, upon information which he could not distrust, that besides the confessions published by Bishop and Williams, who were executed on Monday morning at the Old Bailey, another confession was made by them on Sunday, which comprehended a catalogue of sixty murders, and would probably have gone on to a much greater extent, but for the interference of the Ordinary.

Excise Prosecution against Williams the Murderer.

Yesterday Williams was charged upon an excise information with carrying on, in the house No.2 Nova Scotia-gardens, an illicit factory for making glass. Mr. M 'Knight, an excise officer, proved that on the 6th of August last he seized sixty-eight pounds weight of glass and working materials. Williams was there with Bishop, and witness was grossly abused by the former. The materials were in working order. The Court condemned the articles seized, but could not adjudge the usual penalty, the defendant being deceased.