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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

Marlborough Street.

Robbery at Crockford's.

Very early on Thursday morning this establishment was thrown into great confusion by the discovery that a person named Glassborough had made an attempt to commit suicide under the following circumstances:—Early on the above morning the prisoner (for he was immediately after the attempt taken into custody) received a note, on reading which he appeared extremely distressed. Shortly after he went to his drawer, where a considerable quantity of plate was deposited under his care, and then left the club-house, saying he should return in about an hour. About five he came back, and went to Joseph Howard, one of the persons engaged at the Guards Club-house, who, from his conversation, became convinced of the prisoner's intention to destroy himself, and seized him. An officer was sent for, and the prisoner handed over to him. It was now discovered that plate to the amount of upwards of 100l. had been stolen, and on searching the prisoner's lodgings it was discovered that he had pledged a considerable portion of the missing plate. He underwent an examination on Friday, when the above facts were detailed, and the prisoner remanded for further examination.