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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

To Detect Fraud.

All pencils having Steel Points, or Nozzles, or Tortoiseshell Bodies, and White Metal, substituted for Silver, are Frauds on the Patents Pencils. To avoid all the inconvenience arising from the Spurious Articles, see that the Pencil has the name "S. Mordan and Co. Makers and Patentees," on the body of the case, and that the case is all Silver or all Gold. And also to ensure the Proper Leads for replenishing the case, see that each Box has a yellow belt, with the word "Warranted" on it, and a red sealing-wax impression, bearing the initials, "S. M. and Co." In many instances the purchasers has paid as much for these Spurious Steel-pointed Pencils and Tortoiseshell cases, as for the Genuine Silver and Gold article. Shopkeepers in provincial towns would do well to observe the above remarks, to prevent their being imposed upon, the public being much inconvenienced in not being supplied with the Genuine Article.