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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

From Tuesday's LONDON GAZETTE.

This Gazette announces the appointment of the Hon. T. Erskine as Chief Judge of the New Bankruptcy Court, and Sergeants Pell and Cross and G. Rose, Esq. to be the other Judges. The following gentlemen are appointed Commissioners of the said Court :—C. F. Williams, J. H. Evans, J. S. M. Forblanque, R. G. C. Fane, and E. Holroyd, Esqrs.


G. B. BILLOWS, Poole, ironmonger.


R. THOMSON and T. D. MILDRED, Sun-court, Cornhill, merchants, to surrender Dec. 9, 13, and Jan 17, at the Court of Commissioners, Atts. Kearsey and Hughes, Lothbury.

L. MORE, Lawrence Pountney-lane, merchant, Dec. 13, 23, and Jan. 17, at the same place. Att. Burn?, Finch-lane, Cornhill

E. PEGG, Shoreditch, linen draper. Dec. 16. 30, and Jan. 17, at the same place. Att. Burt, Mitre-court, Milk-street, Cheapside.

C. LOVELL. St. Martin's-court, Leicester-square, wine merchant, Dec. 14, 22, and Jan. 17, at the same place. Att. Tucker, Basinghall-street.

J. WORDINGHAM, jun. Church-street, Kensington, surgeon, Dec. 13, 20, Jan. 17, at the same place. Att. Lythgoe, Essex-street. Strand.

J. PATTERSON, Garstang, Lancashire, spirit merchant, Dec. 26, 27, and Jan. 17, at the office of Mr. Bray?, Preston. Atts. Walmsley and Co. Chancery-lane.

J. LOCKWOOD, Huddersfield, cloth merchant, Dec. 15. 16, and Jan. 17, at the Rose and Crown Inn. Huddersfield. Atts. Jaques and Co. Coleman-street.

T. RICHARDSON, Howden, Yorkshire, farmer, Dec. 21, 22, and Jan. 17, at the Tiger Inn, Beverley. Att. Williamson, Gray's Inn-square.

R. ASKEW and J. DEWHURST, Manchester, commission agents, Dec. 13, 14, and Jan. 17, at the office of Messrs. Houghton and Broadhurst, Liverpool. Attn. Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.

S. RICKARD, J. DOCKRAY, and T. PINDER, Leeds, machine makers. Dec. 12, 13, and Jan. 17, at the Court House, Leeds. Att. Wilson, Southampton-street.

T. RADFORD, Ashborne Green, Derbyshire, dealer, Dec. 28, 29, and Jan. 17, at the Roebuck Inn, Leek, Staffordshire. Atts. Abbott and Arn?y, Symond's Inn.

J. MEEKS and T. GUMMERY, Warwick, upholsterers, Dec. 15, at the office of Messrs. Burbury and Lampray, Warwick; 16, and Jan. 17, at the Swan Hotel, Warwick. Atts. Meyrick and Cox, Red Lion-square.

J. CROSS, Burnley, Lancashire, cotton spinner, and Habergham Eaves, coal dealer, Dec. 19, 21, and Jan. 17, at the Palace Inn, Manchester. Atts. Johnson and Weatherall, Temple.

W. H. RAGG, Dudley and Birmingham, draper, Dec. 20, 21, and Jan. 17, at the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. Atts. Walmsley and Co. Chancery-lane.

H. WORRILL. Newark-upon-Trent, mercer, Dec. 20, 21, and Jan. 17, at Gilstrap's Hotel, Newark-upon-Trent, Atts. Hall and Brownley, New Boswell-court, Carey-street.

J. READ, Bathwick, Somersetshire, baker, Dec. 16, 17, and Jan. 17, at the Angel Inn, Bath. Att. Williams, Verulam-buildings. Gray's Inn.

M. RICHARDSON, Knaresborough. money scrivener, Dec. 13, 14, and Jan. 17, at the Golden Lion Inn, Leeds. Atts. Walmsley and Co. Chancery-lane.


Dec. 27. C. Spurrier and Co., Poole, merchants—Dec. 30. J. Charterhouse-street[sic], printer—Dec. 30. G. Millar, Watling-street, tallow-chandler—Dec. 30. R. Scholey, Paternoster-row, bookseller—Dec. 30, J. Scott and H. Bragg, Walbrook, comission-merchants, Dec. 27. H. Smith and Co., Great Winchester-street, merchants—Dec. 27, M. and S. W. Woodward, Honduras-wharf, Bankside, timber merchants—Dec. 27, J. Rastall, Kilburn, carpenter—Dec. 30, S. and H. S. Crane, Stratford, Essex, merchants,—Dec. 27. J. Paget, Great Tower-street, insurance-broker—Dec. 27. C. Fraser and G. C. P. Living, St. Helen's-place, merchants—Dec. 30. J. Nailer, Jefferies-square, merchant—Dec. 30. J. Crosthwaite, Fenchurch-street, wine-merchant Dec. 30. J. Bryers. Little St. Thomas Apostle, tailor—Dec, 30. R. Crooks, Cornhill, tailor—Dec. 16. W. Turner; Layton, Essex, dealer in horses—Dec. 27. P. Greaves, Chorley, Lancashire, cotton manufacturer—Jan. 6. J. J. and A. Clark, Market-Rasen, Lincolnshire, drapers—Dec. 30. W. Bradley and Co., Grove, Great Guilford-street, Southwark, iron founders—Dec. 30. R. Pomeroy, jun., Brixham, Devonshire, banker—Dec. 30?. H. Howell, Walsingham-place, Lambert, merchant—Dec. 27. J. Ablett, Hollon-street, Wardour-street, carpenter—Dec. 30. H. Lister. North Audley-street, Grosvenor-square. sailor—Dec. 30. J. H. Jutting, Bury-court, St. Mary-Axe, commission merchant—Dec. 27. J. and P. Beddall, High Holborn, carpenters—Dec. 27. R. Wilson, Bishopsgate-street-without, woollen draper—Dec. 27. R. C. and J. J. Blackley, Fenchurch-street, Bloomsbury, wholesale and retail tea dealers--Dec. 9. J. Lyney, jun., Lime-house, sail maker—Dec. 27. P. J. Luntley and B. Milner, Bread-street-hill, wholesale druggists—Jan. 10. B. Byles, Austinfriars, merchant—Dec. 37[sic]. J. Window, Craig's-court, Charing-cross, agent—Dec. 27, H. T. Sturley, Aylesham, Norfolk, linen draper—Dec. 27. J. Taylor, Pittle Pulteney-street,[sic] Golden-square, cheesemonger—Dec. 27. R. G. Gunnell, and H. Shearman, Salisbury-square, Fleet-street, prlnters—Dec. 27. J. J. and C. K. Cooper, Woodeaves, Derbyshire, cotton spinners-Dec. 27. H. and H. Bath, Gunn-street, Bishopsgate-street, cabinet makers—Dec. 30. A. Gibbon and Co., Old City-chambers, merchants—Dec. 27. J. S. Brinley, Birchin-lane, ship broker—Dec. 16. J. Beauchamp, Holborn, silversmith—Jan. 3. J. Bracewell, Liverpool, coal merchant—Dec, 29, J. Sampson, Weymouth and Melcombe-Regis, linen draper, Dec. 28. T. Clark, Bristol, woollen draper—Dec. 20, W. Garnard, Boston and Skirbeck Quarter, Lincolnshire, banker—Dec. 27; T. Pierce and D. Williams, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, bankers—Dec. 31. W. Brimicombe, Totnes, Devonhire, plumber—Dec. 27. J. G. Shackles, Kingston-upon-Hull, linen draper, Dec. 28. T. Marshall, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant— Jan. 12. G. and F. Atkinson, Kerbymoor-side, Yorkshire, corn merchants—Dec. 31. J. Davis, Liverpool, merchant—Dec. 23. T, Evetts, Birmingham, refiner of metals—Dec. 28. J. Dinwiddie and Co., Pendlebury, Lancashire, merchants—Dec. 23. W. Harris, Manchester, merchant.

Certificates to be granted on or before Dec. 27.

J. Fawley, Berwick-street, Oxford-street, ornamental painter—J. Rexworthy, Wells, Somersetshire, currier—J. Knight, Cheltenham, builder—J. Steward, Stafford, surgeon—P. Grant, Strand, newspaper vender.