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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

From Friday's London Gazette,


J. NELSON, Rolls-buidings, Chancery-lane, livery stable keeper.


J. S. THORNTON, Griffin-court, Shepherd's-market, Mayfair, and Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, carpenter, to surrender Dec. 20, 23 and Jan. 20, at the Court of Commissioners. Atts. Robinson and Son, Half Moon-street, Piccadilly.

J. HONHOLD, Gilbert-street, Oxford-street. brazier, Dec. 13, 16, and Jan. 20 at the same place. Atts. Young and Vallings, Mildred's-court, Poultry.

F. B.KING. Prince's-square, St. George's-in-the-East, sugar refiner, Dec. 16, 22, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Atts. Lofty, King-street, Cheapside.

J. THWAITES, Austinfriars, commission agent, Dec. 13, 16, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Atts. Baxendale and Co., King's Arm's-yard, CoIeman-street.

E. BOWRINC, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, merchant, Dec. 13, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Atts. Lawrence's, Old Fish-street, Doctors' Commons.

G. WYATT and H. THOMPSON, Portpool-lane, Gray's Inn-lane, common brewers, Dec. 16, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Att. Smith, Basinghall-street.

T. P. LUCK, High-street, Southwark, laceman, Dec. 13, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Att. Fisher, Walbrook.

H. JEFFERIES, King-street, Clerkenwell, brewer, Dec. 13, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place, Att. Cannon, Castle-street, Holborn.

G. COLES, High-street, Mary-le-Bone, cheesemonger, Dec. 16, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Att. Clement's Inn, Strand.

T. READ, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, victualler, Dec. 16, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Att. Young, Mark-lane,

G. JOHNSTON, Upper John-street, Tottenham-court-road, carpenter, Dec. 13, 23, and Jan. 20, at the same place. Atts. Stevens and Co., St. Thomas Apostle.

W. CORLASS, Reediford, Lancashire, cotton spinner, Dec. 23, 24, and Jan. 20, at the Palace Inn, Manchester. Atts. Johnson and Weatherall, Temple.

G. B. BILLOWS, Poole, ironmonger, Dec. 19, 20, and Jan. 20, at the office of Messrs. Parr, Poole. Atts. Holme and Co. New Inn.

H. YOUNG, Dursley, Gloucestershire, common brewer, Dec. 20, 21, and Jan. 20, at the Ram Inn, Gloucester. Att. Pope, Gray's Inn-square.

J. W. ANDERSON, Bradford, Yorkshire, oil paint dealer, Dec. 19, 20, at the Court-house, Leeds, and Jan. 20, at the Talbot Inn, Bradford. Atts. Battye and Co. Chancery-lane.

L. H. BROUGH, Neath, Glamorganshire, grocer, Dec. 30, 31, and Jan. 20, at the office of Messrs. Gregory and Smith, Bristol. Att. Blower, Lincoln's Inn-fields,

ANN WRIGHT and J. WOODHEAD, Woodroyd, Yorkshire, dyers, Dec. 15, 16, and Jan. 20, at the Pack-horse Inn, Huddersfield. Attns. Battye and Co. Chancery-lane.

J. MAGGS, Bath, chair maker, Dec. 26, 27, and Jan. 20, at the Three Cups Inn, Bath. Att. Harvey, Barnard's Inn.

E.D. SHAW, Delph, Yorkshire, grocer, Dec. 22, at the office of Mr. Barker, Huddersfield, 23, and Jan. 20, at the Rose and Crown Inn, Huddersfield. Att. Lever, Gray's Inn-square

J. MARR, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, tanner, Dec. 19, and Jan. 20, at the White Hart Inn, East Retford. Att. Hawkins and Co. New Boswell-court, Carey-street.

J. and G. WINRAM, Ulverston, Lancashire, ship builders, Dec. 20, 21, and Jan. 20, at the Sun Inn, Ulverston. Att. Armstrong, Staple Inn.

S. and J. KNIGHT, Mold, Flintshire, bankers, Dec. 21, 22, and Jan. 20, at the Leeswood Arms, Mold. Atts. Milne and Co. Temple.


Dec. 30, W. Leahy and J. M. Davey, Grove, Great Guildford-street, engineers,—Dec. 30. J. and C. Tapp, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square, coach-makers—Dec. 3O. C. Morgan, Bishopsgate-street-within, merchant—Dec. 30, T. Reynolds and H. Grace, Thavie's-Inn, publishers, Jan. 3. R. Edmeads and Co., Maidstone, bankers—Dec. 30. R. Stein and A. H. Sim, Towerhill, brewers—Jan. 3. J. Stein, Butcher-row, East Smithfield, yeast merchant—Dec. 30. A. Johnstone and J. Nainby?, Finch-lane, perfumers—Jan. 3. T. Manley, Wentworth-street, Whitechapel, sugar refiner—Dec. 30. W. Eives, Gracechurch-street, ironmonger—Dec. 30. J. Hunton, Bishopagate-street, linen draper—Dec. 30. S. Wilson?, and J. Lilleyman, Goldsmith-street, silkmen, —Dec. 30. C. Young, Craig's-court, Charing-cross, picture dealer—Dec. 30, A. Palmer, Mincing-lane, merchant—Dec. 30. J. Parkin and Co., Fenchurch-street, brokers

—Dec. 30. D. Hunter and Co., Size-lane, merchants—Dec. 30. J. Bumpus, Newgate-street, bookseller—Dec. 30. J. F. and W.Street, Bucklersbury, stationers—Dec. 30. T. Roby, Tamworth, Staffordshire, tanner—Dec. 30. W. Dods, and R. Moore, Percy-street, Tottenham-Court-road, linen drapers—Dec. 30. T. Mason, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, bookseller—Dec. 30. W. Novell, Clapham-road, carpenter—Dec. 30. R. A. Clunie, Berwick-upon-Tweed, corn merchant—Dec. 30. J. J. Vallotton, Old Cavendish-street, French warehouseman—Dec. 30. J. H. Houghton, Fetter-lane, builder—Dec. 30. W. Couchman, Bishopsgate-street-without, linen draper—Dec. 30. G. Melanscheg, Strand, furrier—Dec. 30. J. Reynolds, Bread-street hill, drysalter—Dec. 30. R. Clark, St. Mary-hill, ship broker—Jan. 3. J. H. Pemberton and E. L. Williams, St. John-street, West Smithfield, drapers—Dec. 30. B. Boyes. Tokenhouse-yard, merchant—Dec. 30. W. Strutton, Commercial-road, Lambeth, timber merchant—Dec. 30. D. Terry, Spread Eagle-court, Threadneedle-street, tailor—Dec. 30. W. Brock, Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street, merchant—Jan. 3. G. Keating. Waterloo-road, Lambeth, linen draper—Dec. 30. J. 0. Robinson, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, bookseller—Dec. 30. A. Atkins, Finsbury-square, merchant—Jan. 3. W. Hardy and R. Gardiner, Cheapside, merchants—Dec. 30. P. J. Delauney, Regent-street, jeweller—Dec. 23. S. Fennell, St. Mary Axe, merchant—Dec. 30. C. Ince, Craven-street, Strand, wine merchant—Dec. 30. J. Allwright, Strand, cheesemonger—Dec. 30. C. A. Fitch, Allen-street, Goswell-street, bacon drier—Dec. 31. R. Gregson, Liverpool, merchant,—Jan. 9. J. and W. Lowe. Bridgford-mills, Staffordshire, millers—Dec. 30. H. Sudell, Woodfall-park, Lancashire, merchant—Jan. 4. J. James and W. Seddon, Liverpool, ship builders— Dec. 31. R. Whiteside, H. Fisher, and T. Hastie, Whitehaven, Cumberland, merchants—Jan. 3. J. Williams, Bath, tea dealer—Dec. 29. W. Cardwell, Liverpool, coach maker—Dec. 31. R. Masters, Nethercote, Warwickshire, cattle salesman—Dec. 29. W. Pattison, Wetherby, Yorkshire, spirit merchant—Dec. 31. W. Stoddart, Freshford, Somersetshire, cloth-manufacturer—Dec. 31. J. Preston, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, brick maker—Jan. 3. J. Shorthose, Hanley, Staffordshire, manufacturer of earthenware.

CERTIFICATES to be granted on or before Dec. 30.

J. A. G. and F. G. D'Oliveira. Old Jewry, merchants—P. B. G. Debac, Tavistock-square, builder—B. Wilkinson, Hasketon, Suffolk, wine merchant—W. Ibbetson?, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, dyer—W. Martin, Newgate-street, wine merchant,—J. Mortley, Arle Mill, Gloucestershire, miller—J. and J. Hood, Cork-street, Burlington-gardens, tailors—L. Lewis. Piccadilly, glass dealer—J. Barlow, Grainsborough, Lincolnshire, grocer—E. Barnett, Liverpool, victualler—J. Harling, Chorley, Lancashire, grocer—W. Thompson, Thames-street and College-hill,wine merchant—T. and C. Vining, Bristol, corn factor.