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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

A Human Hand.

Friday afternoon some bricklayers were employed repairing the roof of a house in the neighbourhood of Burton-crescent, when one of them was astonished at finding a human hand. They immediately informed the inmates of the house of the discovery, but they could not account for its being there. The man who found the hand took it home with him. Information soon reached the station-house, when inspector List immediately proceeded to make inquiry as to the cause of its being there, but he could not ascertain. The people of the house were quite ignorent of it, and appeared exceedingly alarmed on being told of the circumstances. A report was soon spread that somebody had been murdered, and crowds of persons assembled round the house in the course of the day.

Mr. List here produced the hand, which appeared to be that of a female. It was brown and sun-burnt, and the flesh completely dried up, and seemed to have been cut off at the wrist.

The magistrate asked whether the place had been examined, and received for answer that nothing else belonging to the human form was discovered. The persons who now kept the premises had been there for some time, and seemed to be respectable individuals.

The magistrate thought it a most extraordinary affair, and directed Mr. List to keep possession of the hand, and make every possible inquiry as to its being there, which he promised to do, and left the office.