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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

Inhuman Mother.

A few days since a woman about 30 years of age, went into the shop of Mr. Hayes, an apothecary, at Naas, and offered to sell him a living child, for the purpose of dissection! Mr. Hayes inquired whether the child was dead or alive? to which the unfeeling wretch answered that it was alive, but was sickly, and would not live long; and that the mother of it though that she might as well sell it to the doctors; the child was a fortnight old, and she would expect 2l. for it. Mr. Hayes would not say what he would give till he saw the child, and desired her to come next morning, which she did with the child. Mr. Hayes examined it, and found it to he a healthy female child. He then offered 1l. for it, but she then refused it; subsequently a bargain was struck, and she was to receive 26s. Mr. Hayes then, under pretence of getting change of a note, we out and brought two policemen, and had this monster in human frame taken into custody. She now lies at Naas gaol, where she will remain till taken before the magistrates presiding at the Petty Sessions. She acknowledges to be the mother of the child, and says she is from the county Longford, and that her husband is in England.—Dublin Warder.