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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

The following somewhat singular circumstances transpired at this office on Thursday. About six o'clock on Wednesday evening, the shopman to Mr. Whittaker, pawnbroker, in Long-lane, Smithfield, discovered, in a narrow passage, close to his master's premises, a large hamper, which he though contained a dead body, and was destined for an anatomical theatre, which was close at hand. In a few minutes a man approached the passage cautiously, and, on whistling, was joined by four men, all of whom the shopman recognised as noted resurrectionists. They were conveying off the hamper, when he had the courage to ask if they had got a "stiff 'un ?" to which one replied in the negative, observing that "stiff 'uns were not so easily got." He, however, suspected otherwise, and he gave information to a policeman, on seeing whom all the fellows took to their heels. The hamper on being opened, was found to contain a quantity of turpentine, glue, and such like articles, which it was ascertained had been stolen from a cart that was left standing in Smithfield market. They belonged to a drysalter, in the Strand, who appeared in the office and took possession of his property. The fellows have escaped.