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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

Post Office Robbery.

In consequence of the activity of Josh. Clements, an inspector of the C division, five persons were apprehended on Thursday night on suspicion of having robbed a letter. The officer went into a public-house and saw the men, one of whom is a postman, drinking brandy and water. He was induced to watch them particularly, and, after they had been very profuse in their expenditure, he called one of them out, and on interrogating him very closely he gave the officer two Bank post-bills for a large amount, and the whole of the parties were taken to the station. The inspector waited on Sir Francis Freeling, and the solicitor to the Post-office wished to have the men examined immediately; but as this was out of form, the case was adjourned by the orders of the Marlborough-street Magistrates to give time for the attendance of the solicitor, and the making of the necessary inquiries.