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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1862, Sunday, December 11, 1831

[London Theatres]

Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.

To-morrow, King Richard the Third. Duke of Glos'ter, Mr. Macready, Earl of Richmond, Mr. Wallock. With the Last Night of Hyder Ali; or, The Lions of Mysore.—Tuesday, The Barber of Seville. And the Bride of Ludgate.—Wednesday, Masaniello.—Thursday, will be produced (first time), a new Comedy, entitled Lords and Commons. With an Operatic Entertainment, in which Mrs. Wood will appear.

Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.

To-morrow, Venice preserved. Jaffier, Mr. Warde. Pierre Mr. Young. Belvidera, Miss Fanny Kemble. With Auld Robin Gray. And The Blind Boy. Edmund (the Blind Boy), Miss E. Tree.—Tuesday, Artaxerxes, Artahanes, Mr. Braham. Mandane, Miss Shirreff. With Country Quarters. And The Irish Ambassador.—Wednesday, Fazio. Biana, Miss Fanny Kemble. With Country Quarters. And The Irish Ambassador. —Thursday, The Beggar's Opera. Polly, Miss Shirreff (her first appearance in that character) Captain Macheath, Mr. Braham. With The Irish Ambassador.

Adelphi Theatre.

First Night of a New Extravaganza.

MONDAY, and during the week, will be presented a new Theatrical Operatical Extravagance, called Favourites in Town, or Stage Arrivals. Principal Characters, Messrs. Yates, J. Reeve, O. Smith, Gallot, Buckstone, Wilkinson, Bayne, Mrs. Fitzwilliam, Miss Daly, and a Young Lady, her first appearance. With a new and peculiar Domestic Burletta, called Victorine !, or, "I'll sleep on it." After which, last six nights, Hyder Ali; or The Lions of Mysore ! Quadrupeds:—Lion, Mr. J. Reeve. Tiger, Mr. Wilkinson. Wild Cat, Mrr.[sic] Fitzwilliam. Bipeds:—Sadhusing, Mr. Gallot. Hyder, Mr. S. Smith.