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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1863, Sunday, December 18, 1831

Accident near Manchester.

On Tuesday morning a most shocking accident happened at the extensive gas-tube-works of James Russell, Esq., at Wednesbury. That part of the manufactory occupied with machinery for welding the gas-tubes fell in with a tremendous crash, owing to a large quantity of iron, which was placed outside the wall, and forcing it in; the roof and all the iron fell upon the men and boys who were at work. John Love, a boy, was killed upon the spot, his body cut and mangled in a dreadful manner. Thomas Rathbone, a young man, was likewise cut and bruised very much, and died almost as soon as he was taken home. Joseph Dinsey, another boy, is also very much bruised, and one of his thighs broken to pieces shockingly, so that he is not expected to live. Thomas Smith is also hurt very much, but hopes are entertained that he will recover. The building has been giving way some time, owing to the bad state of the ground.