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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1863, Sunday, December 18, 1831

Robbery of a valuable letter.

On Thursday, a fashionably-dressed youth, named Henry Darly, was remanded on a charge of having in his possession a check for 200l., on Messrs. Drummond, the bankers, a bill of exchange for 300l., and a bank post bill for 50l. The check was presented by the youth at Messrs. Drummonds', where it had been stopped by a wine merchant named Western, who stated that a letter from Brussels, containing bills and notes to the value of 816l. had been stolen. The prisoner said a gentleman met him at Spring gardens gate, and asked him to present check for him. The two bills were found in a little watch bag, which he said the gentleman gave him to put money he might receive in. It has been ascertained that one 10l. note stolen from the letter has been paid into the Bank.