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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1863, Sunday, December 18, 1831

Smithfield Market.

Friday, Dec. 16.—Although we look for a full market of Beef at this season of the year, to-day's supply is more than was anticipated, the number of beasts exhibited being upwards of 2,000, which is considered to be nearly twice as many as will be got through, the salesman not being inclined to sell any other than high prices, which the butchers are unwilling to give, though the quality is very good generally. We quote the top figure at 4s. 10d. which appears to be the average value of the best descriptions. The sale of Mutton is flat, which has had the effect of reducing it 2d. per stone, the choicest Downs realising no more than 4s. 10d. Veal is rather abundantly supplied, and, therefore, prime qualities only meet a ready disposal; but for these 5s. is given willingly. The top price of Pork is still at 5s. 2d.