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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1863, Sunday, December 18, 1831

Capture of Swing.

It is reported in the city that government has made an important discovery respecting the incendiaries in the country; that intelligence was received early in the week from East Grinstead of such a nature as to induce the authorities to detach two officers in a post-chaise and four by the way of Croydon, and another by the way of Lewisham. The latter had not proceeded far beyond Lewisham when they met with the object of their pursuit—two well-dressed men in a dashing one-horse chaise. When they had passed the officers ordered their carriage around, keeping the chaise in view till near the Green Man turnpike, Kent Road, when they ordered the post boys to drive furiously past the chaise, and to stop in the middle of the one passage, calling out to the toll collectors to shut the other. The two gentlemen in the gig immediately leapt out, and tried to make their escape, but they were secured by the activity and promptitude of the officers, and one lodged in the toll house, the other in the cage.